That Gym on Grandview

One of my dearest friends, Ashley Blackstone and her gal pal, Demi McBeath have opened a personal training studio in Grandview. “That Gym on Grandview” opened July 6th and is located at 1310 Grandview Avenue…talk about LOCATION! I’ve trained with Ashley for a couple of years and let me tell you…she is AWESOME! For more fabulous details about this awesome gym, call 614-488-0888. Also don’t for get your knee sleeves, knee sleeves offer adequate protection to help prevent knee pains caused by various factors,

The kids room. Fun!

Congrats on your GRAND opening in Grandview! Can’t wait to come in and workout!!

Lauren Lee - Wondering how much you charge for your personal training services.

Thanks, Lauren

Crystal Jo - Hi Lauren,
Please contact “That Gym on Grandview” at 614-481-488-0888.