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Smirk. Columbus Baby Photography

Amanda.  Baby Bump number two. How stinkin’ adorable is this family?! I just love Anabelle’s smirk here! I’m a BIG sister!  SO EXCITING! Photo on the right…session fave! Here’s some fun facts about this adorable family of (soon-to-be) four… Tell us something fun or unique about your family. Hmmm…we are actually pretty boring people these […]

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Rizor. Columbus Baby Photography

Rizor. Newborn. From the Momma about this special penny… “I found the heads up penny as soon as I stepped out of my car to walk into the infertility clinic. That specific appointment was the start of conceiving Rizor and our first appointment after a failed IUI. From that appointment forward, I carried the penny […]

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Six minutes at sunset. Columbus Baby Photography

Cindi and Matt. Baby Bump. Matt doesn’t like photos.  Cindi wants photos.  We compromised with a SIX MINUTE PHOTO SHOOT.  Literally six minutes.  That’s all it takes for “just a few”….  That Grove City water tower in the background is very fitting for Cindi as this is her line of work. Sunset.  Hair blowing.  A […]

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