The Galls share {Fall} Nuptials

The Galls are married!  What a gorgeous place!  Confluence Park.  On a lovely Monday evening.  Tina and Kevin are such a lovely couple…check Kevin out in his military uniform.  Gotta love a man in a uniform, right?!   I love the fall colors, the leaves the flower girl tossed on the aisle and the different bright colors the bridesmaids wore.   The day was oh just perfect.  Congrats, Kevin and Tina, to many many happy years! 


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Wake up and say Yes!

“Wake up Meagan!  Will you marry me?”  That’s pretty much how it happened.  {Perhaps not that demanding but it makes for a good story.}  She was sound asleep and he was anxious to ask her those four words.  Could you imagine?  It’s like a dream come true – literally.   Such a romantic story and a cute couple.

Meet Joe and Meagan.  We met in Deleware at Ohio Wesleyan college for their engagement shoot.  What a great new place to shoot!  I love the inspiration I get when I’ve never been somewhere…especially when I have fun-loving people in front of the camera.  Can’t wait for the wedding!

By far, the coolest shot!



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Meagan Bloom - Crystal Jo I love them!!!! I started to cry when I saw them. SO beautiful!!! I can’t wait for the wedding. I loved how you told our story!!! Your amazing!!!!

Boy, I love the Bennetts!

The Bennett Family.  We’ve been friends for years.  Erik Bennett and my husband’s father worked together many years ago.  It’s nice when your parents have nice friends because they become yours as well.  Then I marry a great guy and now I have his great friends  too.  Then come the little ones…Blake, Jack and Kendall.  Aww, so cute.   Blake…he was all smiles and grins the entire photo session.  Jack…he is the most photogenic little boy you ever did see.  Tricky part about Jack is getting him to sit still for just one minute.  And, I’ll be the first to say…he is a fast one!  Hehe..he’s clear across the park and Kendall says “I’ll go get Jack.”   Aww…my little Kendall.  She had the cutest lil’ hippie dress on with her sparkly silver shoes.  She goes to run across the park and falls in the biggest mud puddle..quiet hilarious to me – but hey, I don’t do the laundry. :)   Erik and Michele have a nice Canon camera with a fancy smancy lens…see, that’s another reason I like them!  Michele wants to follow along on some shoots…so you might meet her sometime.

We had a great time at the Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley.  They are an adorable family I love to call my friends!



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The Walkers walk down the aisle..together.

Justin and Raewin.  Oh, such beautiful people…both inside and out.  I cannot say this enough…they are AWESOME!   If you remember a couple of months ago, I had a fun Engagement Session with them.  Robin, the Groom’s mother, is a great friend of mine from my other job(Chase).  She looked BEAUTIFUL with her darling dress and her hair all DID.  Hehe.  She was so proud watching her son marry the woman of his dreams.  This is something that really hits home for me.  You ever get that feeling that your parents are just watching you with their proud parent eyes?  Doesn’t matter what you are doing… talking to a friend, checking out at the store, making your plate for dinner…you can feel it.  It’s like a heat wave.  I feel my momma doing this all the time.  She knows I know.  She can feel it.  Well, at weddings, I feel this strong “proud parent heat wave” ALL day.  I love to turn my camera to the parents and catch that look.  The message, the look, the expression – to catch this in a photograph is priceless.   I caught Robin’s heat wave that day.  And she knows it.
Back to Justin and Raewin. :)  They had the most beautiful September wedding.  The wedding was adorned with pink and browns…pink flowers and brown twigs.  Twigs, you ask?  Yes, and it was cool!  Like, sticks.  Everywhere.   It was almost the end of the reception and I went to the front of the hall to take some detail shots of the guest book, some more twigs, the seating chart, the flowers, the cool mailbox for the guests envelopes, twigs and so on.  While shooting the seating chart, I was looking for the Bride’s parents name to focus on..  “Heisel”, “Heisel”, where is it? OH MY, what did I see…Crystal Jo Holt Table 12!  I had a spot..for me!  I ran over to table twelve to find my very own place setting, with my very own wedding favor.  How honored was I?!  Told you they were AWESOME.   Congrats to this honored couple!  I hope you feel that proud parent heat wave forever!



To view the entire gallery of images when they are ready for viewing, Click HERE.  Congrats Walkers.  Thanks for the lovely Thank You card and thank YOU for making me apart of your special day!