Sarah and Jeremiah – A Successful Hunt for Love

Sarah and Jeremiah Waugh.  She was a Wills until that beautiful August 1st day.  Sarah and I have known each other for a good ten plus years.  We went to school together.  Even then she was creative and spunky.  On her wedding day it really shined through!  Her sister, who stood beside her, wore a beautiful orange gown similar to the style of Sarah’s wedding dress.   Jeremiah’s father, who stood beside him, wore a tan suit and a big grin.  And guess who married the wonderful couple?  Their mothers.  Sarah and Jeremiah’s mothers both stood proud as they read the well scripted vows that rang true to the couples relationship…

Sarah, as your husband, I promise: To protect you, To make you laugh when you’re grumpy, To comfort you when you’re sad, To listen to your dreams and celebrate their achievement. I also promise never to try and stop you from taking the naps you love so much. I will love you every day of my life.

Jeremiah, as your wife, I promise: To protect you, To make you laugh when you’re grumpy, To comfort you when you’re sad, To listen to your dreams and celebrate their achievement. I also promise never to interfere with your love of hunting. I will love you every day of my life.

The colors were AWESOME!  Bright pink and orange were everywhere!  Oh, and the fluffy decorated cupcakes – they looked so cool under the huge white tent with glistening white lights.  The children played by the pond as the couples’ dog showed off for all – jumping and swimming in the water.  The guests carried home a CD with the Bride and Grooms’ favorite songs.  As the night grew later, the sparklers came out, the guests shared laughs, stories and Crown Royal. And to top off the great night – FIREWORKS!  Oh, what a fantastic evening!


Former Miss Ohio appears again!

Miss Ohio 2007 makes another appearance!  You remember her, right?  She became Mrs. Albert in April.  Roberta Camp-Albert and I made our way around the streets of Columbus with some heavy strobe lights and a bag full of clothes and jewelry.  The fabulous results are below.  We had so much many laughs!

Love the sunflowers!No need to workout when you carry all this equipment!  Here Roberta, pose like this…  she pulls it off way better than me..but my vision is there!I have been dreaming about this wall!  My favorite color.  It was crazy because her scarf matched perfectly and we hadn’t even discussed coming here.  Destiny, Roberta, Destiny!

I think she looks like J-Lo in these shots…

On of my faves!

Good Luck, Roberta.  You are a beautiful person – inside and out!  There is no doubt in my mind that your beauty will take you so incredibly far.

Tasha Braniff - Those are awesome shots! I think she looks lime Jennifer Gray! :)

Mmm..the {Married} Mortons

Beautiful.  Detail.  Small Stuff.  Everything.   Lovely.  Touching.  Romantic.  Mmm.

Can you tell I loved EVERY little touch about the Morton wedding?  Sarah and Adam got married on a lovely Friday evening at North Bank Park.  They really thought through the look and feel of their day!  They had an awesome baroque stamp that was the symbol placed on  everything.  Bright Pink and Green was everywhere.  The attention to detail carried from the invitation to the cupcakes, to the table runners, to the table assignments, to the place card holders, to the beverage list and the details go on and on!    Mmm.  I love all the little details.  It really shows so much about the people.  And when all these details come together and make something that is already beautiful {the love these two share} it makes their day that much more special and touching!  Mmm, mmm, mmm!


Bouquet Toss!

1 (150)

Sarah ~ thank you so much for an AWESOME was great to be there and capture such

M + W = Farnham

Awww.  Michelle and Will.  M compliments W.. so says the maid of honor….and everybody at the beautiful ceremony.  Oh wow –  the attention to detail!   Pictures at the reception of the “beginning” – parents and grandparents wedding photos with images of The {now} Farnhams, MW logo that spread throughout the details of the day, the delish snack table strewed with animal crackers and fun munchies…and just the lovable ease and fun that the adorable couple share with one another.  Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. MW Farnham!










Fun getaway!


Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Farnham on a lifetime of happiness!