Recent Shoots

Luke Skywalker. Columbus Baby Photography

August 1, 2018

Luke. Newborn What does the fox say?! Luke Skywalker.  The cutest little Jedi! Tell us about that first moment when you saw your baby. The first moment we saw our baby: for me I felt relieved that the labor was over! I cried with excitement that we finally got to meet our new baby boy.…

Firecracker. Columbus Baby Photography

July 16, 2018

Alex.  Newborn.   This one just CRACKS ME UP!   He was born on the 4th of July! Adorable family of 4!

Balloon Cakes. Columbus Baby Photography

May 21, 2018

Hunter. 1 Year Big. A trip down memory lane… Belly… Newborn… 6 Months…   And this pretty girl had THE BEST PANDA themed 1st Birthday on the PANDA PLANET! Crystal Jo Foto representing! Love! Grab a pair of panda ears and join the pandamonium! You ARE ONE! Kaylea, you are such a beautiful Momma.  The…

The many faces. Columbus Baby Photography

May 21, 2018

Gabe.  18 Months Big. We captured SOOOO many faces at Gabe’s session! XO, funny guy! 

Tulips and Eleanor. Columbus Baby Photography

May 21, 2018

Eleanor. 7 Months Big. Throw your hands up in THE AIR! Happy Mother’s Day to this gorgeous Momma.  You’re doing such amazing Momma work with these two, Amanda.  XO!  

Some bunny special. Columbus Baby Photography

April 5, 2018

Amelia Grace.  Newborn. Some bunny special right here… Pretty in pink and lace. Clearly big sister Aubrey is excited.  Ha, her expression on the left! Here are a few fun facts about this little beauty… Tell us about that first moment when you saw your baby. There is nothing quite like the moment you lay…

Rizor Big. Columbus Baby Photography

March 28, 2018

Rizor.  6 Months Big. Wearing Daddy’s hat from high school.  The same hat he wore at his newborn session.  Love!I adore this family SO MUCH!   I’ll see y’all soon!  XO!

Baby Blair. Columbus Baby Photography

March 23, 2018

Blair.  3 Months Big.Best expression ever!  Is it the weekend yet?!Session fave!  Love that excitement!

Snow baby. Columbus Baby Photography

March 23, 2018

Corbin.  7 Months Big. He’s cracking up here! And we headed inside for some photos of handsome Fitz in his Easter best. My daughter Lucy can’t keep her hands off of him!  I’m sure she won’t be the only girl for this!! Stealing hearts, Corbin!  Mine included.

I gave birth to a toddler. Columbus Baby Photography

March 8, 2018

Baby Hugh.  Newborn Those baby toes!  SWOON! Mommy and Daddy are members of the Shamrock Club.  Hugh is sure to be a BIG HIT there! Wearing Daddy’s Irish hat! Hugh is seriously huge!  There were a few newborn baskets I have that he wouldn’t even fit in! Tell us about that first moment when you…