Adelaide Turns 1. Columbus Baby Photography

Adelaide. 1 Year Big.


She’s so pretty in pink!
Left. Session fave!  Guess who is ONE?!  MEEEEE!


Here are a few fun facts about this little beauty…

What is your favorite memory during your child’s first year of life?
Mom:  We’re kind of space junkies, so we went to see the total solar eclipse in the path of totality.  Once full totality hit (when it is safe to look at the eclipse for a brief couple of minutes) we were awestruck, I took her up into my arms and pointed up at the eclipse and she actually noticed it, saw it, and looked back up and pointed at it.  This was before she really had been pointing and I wasn’t sure she’d even notice it, but she did and we stood there looking up at it together for a few moments.  It is one of the greatest memories of my entire life.  I will cherish it forever.
Dad: Her first Christmas.  It was our first family Christmas and we had some great moments snuggled together in bed that morning.  It just felt so different and special the first time being a family.

Do you have a funny story or something that happened in her first year that you’d like to share?
Mom: I’d say there have been a few times where she has been highly entertaining dancing/singing to music.  She always gets so into it, it’s hilarious.  One time we played Immigrant Song for her and she started yelling the “aaAAAaaahhh” part along with it while she enthusiastically bopped up and down.  I was so proud.

Dad: One time she heard a fart and she responded by mimicking it through blowing raspberries.  It was hilarious.

What age/month has been your favorite and why?

Mom:  Even when I don’t think it could possibly get any better, it seems like every month I think “this month has been my favorite”….so much changes so quickly, it’s really hard to believe what new things she starts doing just in the blink of an eye.  So in that vein…I’d say this age has been my favorite.:-)

Dad:  Whatever age she is at the time is always my favorite.  So much changes so quickly.

One word to describe your baby is…

Mom: Spunky

Dad: Determined

What is your child’s favorites…
Animal: She has a couple monkey toys she really loves, so we’ll go with monkey:-)
Food: Any and all kind of fruits.  Blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, you name it.
Toy:  A Baby Einstein music player.  Or really anything that plays music.
Song or Book: She’s always excited to hear “If you’re happy and you know it” but gets excited at pretty much any music.  She has really been into classical music lately.

She loves the “DANCE” book and Peek-a-Boo Baby (or anything with flaps to lift!)

How has your experience with with Crystal Jo?
Wonderful as always.  We can never sing enough praises! :-)

Princesses and Tiara. Columbus Family Photography

The Cores Family.



Tara and Scott, you both are such a good looking couple….and just look at that little ham you made!  Love her!



Sigh!  SO GOOD!  Tara (Momma) was a dancer.  This is just so special to see her own little girl in slippers similar to what she wore when she was little.  LOVE! Session fave.



Here are a few fun facts about this great family…

Tell us a little about your family dynamic.  How you met your husband, how long you’ve been married, names and ages
of the children.
I met Scott through our mutual friends and we’ve been married for 3.5 years. Camryn is our little nugget, who will be 2 on New Years Day!

Do you have any hidden talents or something unique to you?
Is it terrible to say  we don’t?

If you could be any person for one day, who would it be?
Tiger Woods at the 1997 Masters (Scott). Misty Copeland performing  in Swan Lake at The Met (Tara)

What’s one thing you want to learn to do?
Be more handy around the house, so when I see things on Pinterest, I can do it! (Tara)

If you had a $100 bill in your back pocket to spend on whatever you’d like, you’d buy…
More shoes! (Tara) Lottery tickets (Scott)

Describe the perfect weekend.
75 degree sunny day where we’re all together near some body of water.

Are you more like your mom or your dad?  (parents even answer this one!)
Right now, Camryn is a great combo of the both of us. I’m personally more like my dad, the older I get (Tara). Scott is more like his dad.

What did your family like best about your experience with Crystal Jo?
I’ve known Crystal Jo for quite some time and her pictures continue to exceed my expectations. She was so great with my (almost) 2 year old, that didn’t have taking pictures on her agenda! I look forward to many more Crystal Jo Foto’s decorating our walls!

Rose gold. Columbus Engagement Photography

Payton and Jake.  Engaged.
High five, Jake, her ring is AMAZING!
Swwwwwoooooon!  Payton, you are GORGEOUS!








A FLASH BACK. Down memory lane. When I photographed these two when they were SENIORS IN HIGH SCHOOL!

Here’s some fun facts about these lovebirds..
When and where is your wedding?

Dock580 The Loft, September 28, 2018. It will be our 8th anniversary!

How did you meet?
Payton: We met initially in middle school. We were friends but I didn’t really like him much, but now he’s my favorite person in the world.
Jake: In our 8th grade science class. We became friends by helping each other cheat on a test.
Tell us about your proposal!
P: We were on a ski trip with Jake’s family, that we go on every year. And just as we were about to ski down the slope everyone stopped so I turned around because I was confused and Jake was getting down on one knee. I actually told him to shut up because I couldn’t believe it was happening. And then I whipped my gloves off so fast!
J: I proposed at Peek n Peak, a ski resort. My family goes every year and Payton has gone for the last 6 years, so it’s a very special place for us. It wasn’t exactly planned so I had to call her dad and ask permission. It was the last night that we were there and I did it at the top of one of the slopes and thankfully she said yes. Then we skied down to the bottom and celebrated at the lodge.
What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?
P: His humor and goofiness. He can make me laugh and feel better about anything without even trying. He also gives really good back massages.
J: How supportive she is. She’s always encouraging and willing to help me with anything and always she gives good advice.
What makes you guys unique?
P: There are very few people (that aren’t family) that have been in my life as long as he has. And still after 7 years of being together we absolutely hate being away from each other and never really get tired of the other person either. Oh! And we won “cutest couple” our senior year (lol).
J: We’re high school sweethearts. So unlike a lot of other young couples we were able to stick it out through meaningless fights and that’s how we are where we are today. We’re also both huge crew fans, so we go to every home game together and it’s one of our favorite things to do.
How did you find Crystal Jo?
P: She’s my sister-in-law’s cousin. She’s shot our senior pictures, and many family picture sessions as well. She’s so great!