The Happy Harville’s. Columbus Family Photography

The Happy Harville’s.  


And Maddox. 


Little kids crack me up.  

I love this.  How Jennifer looks so happy and proud of her little guy.

This is SO great.  Big bubby giving kisses.  

Blowing dandelions.  Ha.  It looks like Maddox wants to eat it.  :)

We were pretending like the train was going to a magical place.  I think Blake wanted to be sure Mommy came with him.  LOVE.

The poppa of these adorable boys, Dr. Harville, owns Harville Chiropractic in Powell.  You’ll soon see photos from Crystal Jo Foto adorning the walls of the office.  Woooo HOoooo…that’s soo exciting!

Jennifer - Thanks so much, Crystal!! We love the pics :) !! You did a great job with the boys!

Fall colors with some Buckeye flair. Columbus Baby Photography

Charli.  6 Months Big.

Go Bucks!  Cutest little piggies.

Fave, fave, fave from the session!  (Loving my new Pumpkin Jessie frame from The Organic Bloom.  I sell these now, friends.  All different colors, shapes and sizes.  I painted the wood backing with chalkboard paint.  Kewl.)

Rockin’ those animal print tights and baby blues.

She loves her daddy!
Um, I LOVE FALL!  Those leaves are soooo pretty.  Stay pretty, leaves.  Stay pretty!

Tee hee hee.  Aren’t they cute?  Babies in sweaters…sooo adorable.

I just love her so!

A stool for a kiss. Columbus Wedding Photography

Margaux & Adam.  Married.

Eat, Drink and Be Married was the theme of the day.  And that they did!

This wedding goes down in history as THE FUNNEST BUNCH OF PEEPS WE’VE EVER PHOTOGRAPHED.  I know that is a HUGE thing to admit.  Well, if you knew them, you’d TOTALLY AGREE!  They were SO hilarious. I just giggle thinking about it.

Pinnacle Golf Club.  In my hometown…Grove City.  We are so proud to have it here.  When you drive back here and approach this beautiful building it doesn’t even feel like you are in Grove City or Ohio, really.

Margaux’s present to her groom.  A travel box full of memories and a place to keep new ones.  (oh, and a snazzy watch.)

You’ll see this in play later…

Trying to get this cool dress shot was kind of a BIG deal. The groom was EVERYWHERE. We were hiding behind corners looking for him so he wouldn’t see us carrying her dress. And when we found the perfect spot, I realized… I’m short. I couldn’t reach the dag on iron thingy. Roberta saved the day. With her tall legs. Shew. Needless to say, I’m pretty darn proud of these cool dress shots. And notice the brides taste in fabulous hangers.

The gold mirror in the center was her grandmother’s mirror.  Brought here so Margaux could see her beautiful reflection while getting ready on her wedding day.

About to make her first appearance in her wedding gown.

Margaux was such a STUNNING bride.  And just so naturally happy.  She has THAT personality.  The type of person you just always wanna be around because you know you are going to laugh, smile and be yourself.  Love you Margaux, rock it out girl!

The bride excitingly asked me to do a photo session with the girls where they do all kinds of fun poses, switching it up vogue style.  Um, yes.  Rock it out.  Rock it out.  ROCK IT OUT.  YOU GUYS ARE HILARIOUS!
Awwwwww, so cute!

They were so happy and full of laughs.  I had to make no corny jokes to get these reactions…ALL NATURAL FUN!  (Margaux, I have to show you this picture hanging up in my dining room.  All big and fabulous.)
Kissing cousins.  (They’ve done this since they were little.)
Jewelry worn by four generations.  Here’s proud momma showing it off.
These groomsmen were AWESOME. They pretty much posed themselves. I’d say, now look cool…and I’d get this FABULOUSNESS right here…
Ha.  This photo cracks me up.  It reminds me of that Duck Hunt Nintendo game.  I came across this while editing and busted out laughing.  Ana or Roberta, whoever captured this or set this up….HILARIOUS!
Hello, Mr. Weinandy.

Hahahhahahahahhaha.  Adam looks so scared.  The bridesmaids look so even more.

Handsome.  Times Six.  And the red sunglasses are SERIOUSLY too cool for school.
Red socks, too!  Even the dad’s had them on!
Groom.  Groom’s dad.  Bride’s dad.  Good stuff.
It’s good luck for your bridesmaids to sign the bottom of your wedding shoes.  (I may or may not have made that up, but it sounds good, huh?!)
My fave from the day.  I love everything about it.

Margaux’s dad told jokes as they walked down the aisle. She was literally laughing out loud. It was SO cute.

He read a book about what father’s are supposed to do on their daughter’s wedding day. (what a good dad!) The book recommended saying something funny while walking down the aisle. It worked. She was cracking up!

She took his breath away.

They wrote their own wedding vows. They were witty, endearing and personal. LOVE.

Second fave from the day.  (Okay, I can’t just pick one.)
Listening to the soloist sing.  It was pretty amazing.  Not a dry eye in the house.
What is this?
Margaux is short.  Adam is tall.  What do we do about this?  Stand on a stool for the first kiss.  DUH.
See the stool.  Hehe.


Roberta had to climb on the roof for this.  (Love you, Berta.  Way to be superwoman!)
The balloon release. In remembrance of their loved ones that could not be physically present.
Can I have a third favorite?  Because this would be it.  (Ana’s view with the 135L)
My view with the wide angle.

Roberta’s view from the roof.

Stunning.  Just stunning.
Ha.  Adam, I love the knee bend.  :)
Rock it out.  J. Crew style.  (Ellen, you’re so cute!)
These guys are AWESOME.  We seriously tried this shot like ten times.
And Margaux rocks my socks.  I didn’t realize she was doing a straddle jump (And HIGH) until I was editing.  Makes me laugh.
Red heart rings.  A fun touch.  And the guys showing off their fancy watches.

This just happened. I asked her to sit on his lap.  And this.  Magical.
Aren’t they cute?!

Yay, spin around and around and around. Like a pretty princess on your wedding day!

This, right here, is what it’s all about.

Um, I love this.  Adam, frame this and put it on your desk at work.  Your co-workers will flock.

It’s all in the details!  (Margaux is a graphic designer.  Obvi!)


The first dance is not a good one unless there is one dip and a butt bump.  UH HUH.

Oh La La.

Light Girl, working her magical light.

Soulja BoOOOYYYY!!!!

Sweet treats.  The different icing and cake denoted by the color of heart on the top of the cupcake.  Pretty clever!
This heart denotes LOVE.  Cake flavor = Happily Ever After with a diamond sprinkle of FUN.

This lady told me right after this picture that the last time her husband did this while they were dancing (on vacation) she broke her foot.
Good times had by ALL!

The Jo Foto Booth…

Ashley and Demi, trainers at That Gym on Grandview, could NOT GET OUT OF THE FOTO BOOTH.  There is seriously like 30 pictures of them.  Craig said everytime they would go to the restroom or bar they’d stop at the booth.  Crazy kids.  

Behind the scenes. (Where ALL the fun happens!)

Best picture RUINER EVER.

Or is she?

Cutie pa-tooties.  Tasha came to run the foto booth.

I love to cuddle with my brides.  

Love that smirk!

Papa, papa, paparazzi.

Dude, she totally started it.

Tasha, did Light Girl steal your tripod?  Thief.
And every post should end with a picture of my baby girl.  She loves to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY while mommy edits, edits, edits.  Precious Pixie Pie.


Reception and Ceremony Site: Pinnacle Golf Club in Grove City
Cake: The Cake Studio
Flowers: Flowers on High
DJ/Band: Josh Bricker, Sound Dynamix
Ceremony Music: Cardinal Sting Trio
Hair and Make up: Charles Penzones (Hair: Eliana D.)
Invitations: Alaina Cherup with Cheerupcherup
Jewelry: worn by 4 generations
Rehearsal dinner: Dinner was catered by J Liu and was at the Baldridge’s house. It was absolutely gorgeous and a night we will remember forever.
Wedding gown designer: Lee-Ann Belter from Le Jeune Marie (Worthington)
Linens: Connie Duglin Specialty Linen Rental
Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse
Bridal Belt: Kristen Kuehn Designs
Flowers in Bride and Bridesmaids hair: Design by Pris


seating of the mothers: Canon in D
Soloist: Jenny Albert (bride’s cousin) – The Lord’s Prayer and I Carry Your Heart
attendants processional: Clair d’Lune
bride processional: Antonio Vivaldi – Spring
recessional: Queen of Sheba
grand entrance: Chris Brown – Forever
first dance: Franki Valli – Can’t take my eyes off of you
cake cutting: James Taylor – How sweet it is (to be loved by you)
father/daughter: Earl Klugh – Till the end of time
mother/son: Taylor Hicks – Do I make you proud
last dance: Queen – We are the champions

Tell Us how you REALLY feel…

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Bride: I have two, one was as we were walking down the aisle I was so incredibly nervous so my dad cracked a joke and made me burst out laughing, it really set the tone for our wedding. The second moment, was during Adam’s vows, I have never felt more loved than I did in that moment.
Groom: Seeing Margaux for the first time in her wedding dress walking down the aisle.

What was your favorite detail?
Bride: The step stool my brother and his girl friend designed/painted for me to step up onto for our first kiss as husband and wife.
Groom: The balloon release.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
Bride: Don’t get too wrapped up in the planning and don’t allow yourself to get too stressed. Remember to take time to do the little things with each other, go on dates, laugh and have fun. Also, PICK YOUR BATTLES!

As for the day of, deep breaths and remember to enjoy it all, your family and friends are there to celebrate you.
Groom: Write your own vows.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Bride: I would not change a thing, the whole experience was more amazing than I could have ever imagined.
Groom: Not a thing.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Bride & Groom: El Dorado Casitas Royale in Riviera Maya, Mexico – PARADISE!

How was your experience with Crystal Jo Foto?
Bride: I wanted Crystal Jo Foto for our wedding because she has an incredible talent to capture the moment and doesn’t try to create it. It felt natural with Crystal Jo and she has a way of making you feel comfortable in your own shoes. She is spunky, fun and very creative.
Crystal Jo, Ana, and Roberta – you all were so much fun and you all were best photographers ever. I would recommend Crystal Jo Foto to anyone and everyone.
Groom: Excellent!

To see the awesome video slideshow, click HERE.

Margaux and Adam, thank you SO much for giving us the GRAND privilege of photographing this very special day.  You both are amazing individuals and even more amazing together.  I love your laughter and joy.  It’s so infectious.  Enjoy your beautiful lives together.  FOREVER.  UH HUH!

Ashley Blackstone - You are a true talent. Your photography is unsurpassable!! You have an amazing vision and undeniable creativity. Congratulations on your success… deserve it!!!!

Margaux Weinandy - I LOVE THEM ALL! Ashley is right, you have a true talent. I will tell anyone and everyone how incredible you are and that you are the best photographer EVER. Thank you so much Crystal Jo! We’re calling you for any and all pictures we need in the future!

Lisa Baldridge - Crystal Jo,
What a professional. You caught every magical moment and we never saw you! Thank you for creating these fabulous photos and allowing us to re-live this amazing wedding day. We wouldn’t want any other photographer ever, you are the best.
mom of the bride

Ashley Lyman - LOVE these Crystal ! You did amazing the pictures made me want to go to their wedding they looked like that much fun lol

Congrats to the bride and groom!

bobbi - Gorgeous images of a gorgeous couple! And that stool for the first kiss? GENIUS! High fives friend :)

Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe.

Pixie received her very first colorful lollipop invitation in the mail…

…to Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe.

The sweet shoppe is OPEN.  It came with special sweet shoppe workers (Fiona’s Aunts) and the children paid for their candy with pennies.  

Her mommy found this high chair on craigslist and Papa painted it.  The gumball machine was Amy’s when she was a little girl.

Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe.  A little girl’s dream.

Love the photo banner.

Details and color galore!

Put your party hats on!  (I like to say put your PARTY PANTS ON!  But Amy says this should say party hats and she’s the momma, so she wins.)

Everything was made very special by mommy and family.

Even these ADORABLE sugar cookies that look like lollipops.
I love the “Whoooooo’s birthday is it?” gift bag.  Amy’s baby shower was an owl theme.  REMEMBER?  And Fiona has owls in her nursery.

Gavin.  Looking so dapper with his little bow tie.  Bow tie made out of ribbon from his mommy and daddy’s wedding.  (A fun tid bit…Kacy & Tim’s wedding was my VERY FIRST wedding I shot professionally.  April 2008.)
Time for cake!

She loved it.  And she was so delicate with it.

Look how cute this family is…with matching outfits and all!

Fiona was kissing everything.  It was so cute.
Pixie was pooped.  Little party animal.

Papa having some fun!

Build your own candy necklace with Fruit Loops.  Cute idea!

To watch the video slideshow, click HERE.

Happy First Birthday, Fiona Rose. And many more. We love you very, VERY much!

Amy Seese - What a special day! Thank you so very much for capturing these memories for us! We love you Crystal Jo Foto!

Big, LITTLE man of the house. Columbus Baby Photographer

Robert. 3 Months Big.

He’s the big, LITTLE man of the house.  With his two older sisters, Madeline and Sophia.

I love his bright eyes and cute little bald head.

Happy Baby.  Little California Surfer.  These photos are for his cool Californian Auntie.

Pretty family, huh?!

Mommy’s first son.  She’s so in love.

Ana is from Brazil.  She kept saying cute little things in Portuguese to baby Robert.  I had no idea what they meant but the sounds were so chipper and happy.  I wanna learn.

Robert, next time I see you, you’ll be sitting up SO big. Can’t wait!

lelio da silva velasco - Crystal clear, congratulations for your work. I would like to have the family photo, 004, to make a poster here in Brazil.

Justine - Sério… vocês estão lindos!!! Cara e essa fotógrafa sabe o que faz, Ne?!
Amei vê-los! E o Robert Lucas ja ta enooorme!!! Ainda bem que em Novembro ja vou estar ai para pegar essa coisa linda no colo!!!
Parabens pelos 3 meses!!!! Bjssss