El Numero Dos. Columbus Maternity Photography

I’m super excited to share these photos.  I REALLY love my job.  And everyday I really feel like this is WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING.  This is my calling.  This feeling makes me unbelievably happy.

This family, The Walker’s, have made me feel this way.  As I sit here and post this very blog with photos of The Walker’s, I look back and think of all of these BEAUTIFUL HUGE family moments they’ve invited me to capture.  What an amazing invitation.  Their engagement, their wedding, the maternity of number one, Blaze’s entire first year and now baby number two.  It’s really quite an honor.  And also an extreme sense of love and trust.  What I do matters.  It matters a lot and I REALLY LOVE THAT.

The Walker’s really make me feel like I’m family.  Even Pixie is special to them.  (Blaze sent Pix a Valentine.)  They are just so thoughtful and I can’t speak more highly of this beautiful family.  I really believe if we surround ourselves with love, we become better people and live happier lives.

So here they are….  The Walker’s.  Justin, Raewin, Blaze and baby bump el numero dos.  (I don’t speak Spanish but I’m trying to learn. :0))

Blaze just found out he isn’t going to be the only child…
I love this.  His outfit REALLY made the session.  Thanks MaWaka!
Probably my session fave.  SO tough deciding.  But this cracks me up.
Pixie HAD to come spend some time with her boyfriend.  
High fives!
Cutest couple ever?  Um, YES!
Blaze :  “Sew, Pix, win mii mom had dis babee, dew you fink it will bee a boi babee or a gurl babee?”

Pixie:  “Hmm.  I’mafinkin it iz a boi.  But I will alwayz wuv yew da mostest.”


Carrie - These are awesome Crystal! Rae, you guys look amazing… and I fink itz a gurl babee =)

Momma Mia and Gramia - Super Cute Pictures. Congrats on the your new bundle of joy.

Look-a-LOT-like Daddee. Columbus Baby Photography

Jenna.  7 Months Big.

A smiley little thing!  Just adorable.

If these two were put in a look alike contest, they’d win, for sure.  Jenna and Daddy.  Mommy had to work on the day we scheduled this session.  :( Daddy was such a trooper and even remembered all of Jenna’s clothes and bows.  Big kudos!
She makes me smile with her BIG smiles.

Brynleigh the Buckeye. Columbus Newborn Photography

Brynleigh. Newborn.

She was a much anticipated baby girl. Mommy and Daddy have been dreaming of seeing her face for a very long time. An angel. Just perfect. She was brought into this world with soooo much love.

So pretty. I’m just in love!  Welcome to the world, Brynleigh Shannon.

She’s already a Buckeye.  Look at those toezers!

A little behind the scenes at my house.  This is why I, SO BADLY, want my own shooting/studio space.  Yes, that is wine you see there.  Amanda had her first postpartum beverage.  Why not?! This, after all, is a HUGE celebration!

And the photo taken a few seconds later.  Little girl smiling at her Mommy.  LOVE.
And a very proud Aunt Sissy who gifted Miss Brynleigh photo sessions of her entire first year.  Now that sure is love!

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Love times two. Valentine’s Day

Pixie Pie’s second Valentine’s Day.  We had a beautiful time.  

$4.00 – $4.00, Jump up and down, another $4.00, yes, YES, $4.00…oooooohhhhhh, they are all $4.00.  WEeeeeee.  LUCKY DAY!  We spent the first half of the day being lucky in love.  Then the second half of the day making lovies for our lovies.  

Pixie received her very first Valentine from a boy.  From her special boyfriend, Blaze.  She talked about it all day.  
Look at how little she was last Valentine’s Day.  
My big blue-eyed purdy gurl.
A reflection of a piggie, piggie.  
Blaze, will you accept this rose?
The “Love you” heart we made last V-Day on the mirror in her nursery is still somewhat there.  She’s added her own love touch to it.  
Oh, how much has changed in just one year.  I love every second of it.
A couple of days before, Jason and I headed out for an “adult night” with the family.  A special dinner at Vittoria’s.  It was de-lish.  And look what showed up on my doorstep from the hubs.  MMMmmmm….chocolate covered strawberries, my fave.  I think I ate all twelve on Valentine’s Day.  That’s what they were for, right?!
She’s still a big baby!
Love the reflection in the glasses.  Pixie is laying on my lap as I’m laying on the floor taking this photo.  She’s such a love bug.  
And then she crawled on my back and thought it was just HILARIOUS.
I love this capture.  This is SO her and her silly personality.  I love you, Pixie Jo. SO SO MUCH!
Got candy?
Our yearly tradition.  Year two.  White Castles.  Would you like the “Group Hug Special?”  Yes, please.  And a chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick.  Yes and yes.
Ootay, ootay.  EEenuf ov dis walentinz daa stuff already.  I am thwrew!

Raewin Walker - Omgosh Crystal, she is so beautiful! And Blaze says, “Yesh” and blows you both kisses! :)

Momma Mia and Gramia - Love the silly things that the two of you do. I remember doing all those silly things with you which makes it so special that you now do them with your little sweetheart. Love you both so so so much.