Graham’s Birth Story

Tasha, a dear friend and photography buddy of mine, asked me to photograph the birth of her son. What an extreme honor! It was so very special to be asked to document such a momentous occasion for the Braniff family.

Graham Joshua Braniff. Born March 27th, 2012 at 7:58 AM.  A very special day for some very special people.  A day I will remember forever.

Watch the beautiful video slideshow HERE.

Grandma made Zoe a book about becoming a big sister.  She read it to her as little Graham was being born.  So precious!

Tash had a scheduled c-section as little guy was breech.
So daddy helped photograph his son taking his first breaths.  
Zoe is such a proud big sister.
And proud friend!

Tasha, thank you for letting me be there on such an intimate important day. Graham will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s hard to believe we used to be neighbors when we were just weeee wittle girls and now we are bringing were wittle babies into the world, isn’t it?! Big hugs!

Tasha Braniff - NO Idea how I missed this before!!
LOVE it :)
You will always hold a special place in our heart for being there and documenting it for us. We love you for that, and cannot thank you enough!


A (little) man and his Hot Rod. Columbus Baby Photography

Chanden.  One Year Big.

Crazy.  It’s really bittersweet for me to photograph the big ONE.  Bittersweet because typically I photograph these little people every 3 months starting when they are just a few days old.  You may remember when Chanden was a wee one, HERE.  And when he hit milestones HERE, HERE, and HERE.  And you may remember his Aunt’s beautiful wedding, HERE.  Chanden was THE cutest ring bearer.  EVER.

So…the first photograph you see below… well it’s Chanden trying to hold back the tears.  He’s so sad…he loves his Jo Foto fix every few months.  Thankfully, Mom told him he could come back for more when he turns 18 months.  So he cheered up and the rest of the session was all smiles and laughs.

And he even pulled up in his smooth ride!  

He’ll have no problem getting the ladies with this ride!  Made with love by grandma and grandpa.  I think they’ve outdone themselves with this one!

A very proud Mommy and Daddy.

Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to make such special memories for your family. It is such a huge honor. Big hugs!

Lowe for Love. Columbus Couple Photography

Natalie and Dustin. Together for NINE years. Shew.

A strong relationship is just what this is. Dustin has been in the Army for two years. He had a two week leave and Natalie wanted to jump on the chance to have some beautiful photographs taken together. What a GREAT idea!

They are adorable together. Like a real Barbie and Ken.

Natalie has a tattoo on her foot that says “true love always”.  And I LOVE the “LOVE” bracelet.  Perfect for this!  Dustin wore a matching blue bracelet that said “HOPE”.

And then…

Dustin put on his uniform. WELLLL….Hello handsome soldier!   Pffffeeeerrrrerrrr (that’s my whistle).

Thank you for proudly serving our country. It is very personal, vital and honorable.  Oh…and thank you for making Natalie happy!  Lowe for Love.

It was FREEZING on Monday.  They braved the weather for a some awesome outdoor shots but we just had to sneak in somewhere for some warm cuddle time.  And look at this awesomeness that we stumbled upon…

El Numero Dos. Columbus Maternity Photography

I’m super excited to share these photos.  I REALLY love my job.  And everyday I really feel like this is WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING.  This is my calling.  This feeling makes me unbelievably happy.

This family, The Walker’s, have made me feel this way.  As I sit here and post this very blog with photos of The Walker’s, I look back and think of all of these BEAUTIFUL HUGE family moments they’ve invited me to capture.  What an amazing invitation.  Their engagement, their wedding, the maternity of number one, Blaze’s entire first year and now baby number two.  It’s really quite an honor.  And also an extreme sense of love and trust.  What I do matters.  It matters a lot and I REALLY LOVE THAT.

The Walker’s really make me feel like I’m family.  Even Pixie is special to them.  (Blaze sent Pix a Valentine.)  They are just so thoughtful and I can’t speak more highly of this beautiful family.  I really believe if we surround ourselves with love, we become better people and live happier lives.

So here they are….  The Walker’s.  Justin, Raewin, Blaze and baby bump el numero dos.  (I don’t speak Spanish but I’m trying to learn. :0))

Blaze just found out he isn’t going to be the only child…
I love this.  His outfit REALLY made the session.  Thanks MaWaka!
Probably my session fave.  SO tough deciding.  But this cracks me up.
Pixie HAD to come spend some time with her boyfriend.  
High fives!
Cutest couple ever?  Um, YES!
Blaze :  “Sew, Pix, win mii mom had dis babee, dew you fink it will bee a boi babee or a gurl babee?”

Pixie:  “Hmm.  I’mafinkin it iz a boi.  But I will alwayz wuv yew da mostest.”


Carrie - These are awesome Crystal! Rae, you guys look amazing… and I fink itz a gurl babee =)

Momma Mia and Gramia - Super Cute Pictures. Congrats on the your new bundle of joy.