God Bless America. Columbus Newborn Photography

Brayson Reed. Newborn.

8 pounds, 12 ounces, 21 inches long. That sounds kinda big in comparison to the newbies I’ve photographed recently.

Here he is….

I love the light here.  Little guy just cuddled so.
I got a new fringe blanket!  Thank you Beautiful Photo Props.  Your stuff is always AWESOME.  And Brayson loved it too.  So soft to sleep on.
Isn’t this just SO adorable?!  It makes me wanna snuggle with him.  Fresh little guy.
Thank you to Brayson’s daddy for serving in our Armed Forces.  We are so indebted to you for bringing us safety and freedom.  God Bless you, our troops, and our country.  Oh, and for bringing us this adorable little bundle of joy!

Daddy had to leave for a training camp this very next day.  Everyone was excited to share this last evening together.  

And, of course, it’s not a successful newborn shoot unless the baby does it’s business ON someone. And this was momma. SUCCESS!

Blinded by the light. Columbus Senior Photography

Kasey. Senior.

A little behind the scenes…

I had a similar senior picture like this where I was in a stream looking down at a basket of flowers.  As soon as Kasey turned her head I thought of that very photo and how much I loved it.  Snap, snap.  And we got this…
She loved it, too!
Do we really have to climb back up this wall?!
2nd fave of the day.  Love the laugh and the leading lines.
Kasey and I both agree..FAVE, FAVE, FAVE.  She is laughing because her mother was behind me blinding all the cars passing by with the reflector.  Blinded by the light.  Name that singer!  Made for a FABULOUS shot.  Nice job mom!
Yay, senior year!  So much fun!  Congrats, Kasey.  Class of 2012.  Bishop Ready High School.

Real. Fun. Columbus Engagement Photography

Aaron & Britt. Engaged.

The only request for this shoot… “We wanna have fun.”

Okay, it is my number one priority. Let’s have some FUN. REAL FUN!

My fave.  My fave.  My fave.  I JUST LOVE THEIR BODY LANGUAGE SO MUCH!
See.  Real fun.
Aaron’s middle name is Russell.  On Russell Street.  
Britt…your bootie is cute and your hair is beautiful.  Yes, ma’am.  Uh huh.
Mmmmkkkkkk.  Aaron saw a photo of a guy pretending to balance his lady on his hand.  He wanted to replicate.  Here’s our attempt.  (By the way, Britt, your shadow is well endowed!)

Real.  Fun.
So adorable.

A few fun facts about these FUN people…

When and where is your wedding?
Brittany: In my hometown of Shelby, Ohio
Aaron: Some place up north where people walk Goats instead of Dogs, haha

How did you meet?
Brittany: At Aaron’s soccer game that he was coaching (I hate soccer, but loved that he spent time helping kids!)
Aaron: Met her at Lowe’s while she was looking for a stud finder, told her she didn’t have to look any further:)jk at my soccer game

Tell us about your proposal!
Brittany: Aaron being the artist he is, told me he had painted a mural for the Downtown library and wanted to show everyone at a party we were having. We gathered everyone outside where he was going to reveal the painting. Little did I know, he had painted a sign asking me to marry him
Aaron: I wanted to do something that no one else had done. Something special and something that people would say “aaron would do that.” Me being the artist I am, I painted a sign asking her to marry me. That was the 3rd option as I had 2 other ideas that were epic fails. I wouldn’t change a thing! (see photo)

What makes you guys unique?
Brittany: We can make you laugh like you have never laughed before and are a really exciting couple.
Aaron: Most people say they marry their best friend, but we truely are best friends. We can finish each others sentences, laugh at each others faults but help one another grow at the same time. AND we can sing the whole Gilmore Girls theme song (me not by choice!)

How did you find Crystal Jo?
Britt: Aaron thought she was cute so I went with it:)
Aaron :She was standing on the corner looking helpless so we stopped to help her out. We got to talking and she said she wanted to do our photos so we allowed her do so. I must say, she did an amazing job!:)
Actually, Sarah Shambaugh recommended her!

LiveABEL. Columbus Maternity Photography

Markie and Meghan. Expecting.

My nephew is in there!
See the gold hand on the baby?  A gift to Meghan from Markie.  I love how it fits so perfectly.  Just holding on.

So sooooooooooo pretty. This bare belly is really THAT pretty. No editing necessary. Meghan, you are so lucky. Aww.

A little behind the scenes.  I was doing this to get the photo you see right below this.  Pixie and I were using the reflector to bounce the sunlight onto Markie and Meghan.

(I’m trying to teach Pixie how to hold the reflector.  She’d rather take the pictures but I told her she has to weigh more than the camera before she can take over my job.  She agrees.  Being the smile maker will do for now.)

That Baby Bump is carrying Baby Abel.  When we were setting up for this shot, Markie said, “Look, LIVEABEL.”  Love it.  Liveabel.  He has such a creative soul.
Me and my bubby!  He’s going to be a daddy!  I can’t believe it!
She’s GLOWING!  When is she due?  The same day I was!  Christmas Eve.
The best smile maker out there.  She is paid in milk and sweet potato puffs.

Markie wanted to pretend they were making a rap video.
Which turned into some craziness.
And then Abel popped out.  20 pounds and wearing pink.  Poor Meghan.
I HAVE to show you this because I’m a proud Auntie/gift maker!  I created vintage looking maps.

Where Mommy & Daddy met.  (Circleville at my other brother’s wedding.  Markie and Meghan were like 8 years old!)

Where Mommy & Daddy made me.  (Columbus.  I don’t wanna know.)

Where Mommy & Daddy had me.  (They live in Portland, Oregon.  So, more than likely, they will have baby Abel in that rainy city.)

Isn’t it SO awesome?!

To see really how cute this baby bump is, click HERE. They are SO adorable!

I love you guys SO much. All THREE of you! You are about to become a family and it is the BEST feeling in the whole entire world. I can’t wait for what life is about to bring your way. CAN’T WAIT!

Meghan, you are SO beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy (if that is at all possible). I’ll be thinking of you…whenever I see Tums, or pickles or other pregnant women or hear my phone ring in the middle of the night.:)

Bub, I STILL can’t believe you are gonna be a daddy. I can only imagine how precious the relationship will be. It makes my heart feel warm just thinking about it.