One step closer. Columbus Wedding Photography

Courtney and Chris. Married.

Huh-freakin-larious.  I’ve never seen a glue gun up to a bride’s head right before she walks down the aisle, that’s for sure.  It didn’t faze Courtney one little bit.  That’s what I love about you, Court!
The bride looks just like her sister.  Er, I mean her mother.  :)
Meanwhile…they guys are…
And Chris is ever so handsome.
I just love the purple and green.  Pretty.  Just like these ladies.
Oh, and they are fun too.
Um, Court, your body is bangin’.  Just sayin’.  
Courtney made Chris this little boutonniere decor.  A photo of him when he was a little boy and his mother who is now in Heaven.  Such a special way to walk her down the aisle.
As the bride watches the guests arrive from the bridal suite…
…The groom bids on a golf clubs on Ebay.  Just kidding.  He was really updating his status to “married”.  Or was he texting his buddy, “Are ya coming?”  Or maybe he was googling, “how to switch my best man at the last possible minute”.  Either way…it’s hilarious he is really on his phone ten seconds before he gets married.  
Well, hello pretty bridesmaid!
Hearts beat fast
colors and promises
how to be brave
how can I love when I’m afraid
to fall
but watching you stand alone
all of my doubt
suddenly goes away somehow
one step closer

Time stands still
beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything
take away
what’s standing in front of me
every breath,
every hour has come to this…

One step closer…

And all along I believed
I would find you
Time has brought
your heart to me
I have loved you for a
thousand years
I’ll love you for a
thousand more

I love the way he looks at her.  
Great shot, Light Girl!

Ohhh my. There aren’t enough words to explain how much I ADORE this couple. Courtney and Chris are two of the kindest hearts you’ll ever meet. They just have this way of taking care of everyone around them. These guys got married on a beautiful sunshiney day at the Pinnacle Golf Club in our hometown.  Grove City, baby.  They danced and hugged and kissed a whole, whole lot. And they loved even more than they kissed.  I think these photos right here show just that.  LOVE.

I love this shot.  It looks like Courtney is running.  I love the light and the colors and the motion.  
Courtney, Courtney’s best friend started her speech by telling everyone they were meant to be best friends because, duh, they share the same name!  Courtney, you are so cute!  And you caught the bouquet… so you better be calling me when that ring is on your finger.  Wink, wink.  😉
Chris makes it pretty easy to love him when he tells his feelings about the love of his life to the whole world.

Courtney smiled.  She smiled with her whole heart.  And so did everyone in the ballroom.

I love how the wedding cake matches Courtney’s gown.  And these little beads were also inside the cutting knife and the champagne glasses.  Details!
The first dance was to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.  Take a listen while you check out the rest of these photos.  It’s perfect. 
I designed this special guest sign-in book with photos from their engagement session.  LOVE!
FUNNNNN foto booth… (said with my British accent, of course!)
And a grand exit with sparklers and big smiles from everyone around.  My wedding favorite.  
A late night kiss in the exact location they shared their first kiss as a married couple.
Some behind the scenes of Crystal Jo Foto.  We rock it out.  Cuz we rockstars like dat.  
Dude, I’m like the coolest air conditioner around.  (Ignore my ugly wedding shoes…comfort is key for my hardworking piggies.)
Thanks, Light Girl, for being my memory, my right hand girlie gal and for wearing ugly wedding shoes with me. HA!  I know you are laughing at that! And thank you, Tasha, for making all those fun folks stick out their tongues in the foto booth.  I’m sure you saw it all!
Weeeeeeee.  We can do the cupid shuffle with the best of ’em!


Courtney and Chris, it was truly, in every way, an honor to be a part of your beautiful day.   My wish for the two of you is to always love like you did on this day because it was HUGE.  And very contagious.  Spread the love, friends.  Xoxo, Crystal Jo

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If you would like to see ALL of the wedding photos when the gallery is released, click HERE.


their creative team…
Reception and Ceremony Site – Pinnacle Golf Club
Cake- Capital City Cakes  (I think it’s awesome you guys kept it local!)
Flowers- Brenda Hardy
DJ/Band – DJ Darby
Ceremony Music – Lydia Weaver Haywood (harpist)
Hair – Amanda Ett
Make up – BeautiMarkedByKelli (Kelli Wilt Ramey)
Invitations/Paper – Michaels Arts & Crafts
Jewelry – Anns Crafts (etsy)
Wedding gown designer – Allure
Bridesmaids – Impressions
Groom/Groomsmen Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

their songs….
grand entrance “Another One Bites the Dust” – Queen
first dance “A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri
father/daughter “Cinderella” – Steven Curtis Chapman
mother/son “You’ve Got A Friend” – James Taylor
bouquet/garter – “This One’s for the Girls” – Martina McBride (bouquet) & Jaws Theme Song (garter)
their memories…

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Bride: Every part of the day was perfect, the anticipation, excitement and emotions filled every moment of the day! My most memorable moment would either be seeing Chris as I was walking down the aisle or Chris’s speech at the reception. It was so heartfelt and at that moment I couldn’t have been more happy to have his as my husband.
Groom: The most memorable moment of the day for me was waiting for Court to walk down the aisle. When I saw her for the first time she took my breath away. I was so nervous. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

What was your favorite detail?
Bride: It’s not really a “detail,” but I loved looking at the flowers for the reception and knowing that my mom, bridesmaids, and I designed and put them all together. I thought they looked great!
Groom: My favorite detail was the boutonniere Courtney made me that had a picture of me and mother hanging from it.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
Bride: Relax! This is one of the biggest days of your life, but in the end the only thing that matters is each other. Everyone would always ask me if I was stressed or if everything was done etc. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted everything to be perfect, but really all that matter was the Chris and I showed up and Pastor Steve to marry us – because really isn’t that what the day was all about?!?
Groom: Enjoy every minute of your wedding. It goes by in a flash!

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Bride and Groom: I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Bride: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We stayed at The Reserve at the Paradissus. Amazing resort and awesome vacation!!
Groom: We went to the Dominican Republic. It was incredible.

How was you experience with Crystal Jo?
Bride: We loved Crystal Jo! After our engagement session, we knew we made the right decision. Crystal is very laid back, which compliments us well because we are too. She fit right in with the crowd and I didn’t hardly notice she was there. It was just nice because I didn’t feel like I was posing all night for pictures, they will all be natural. I loved the Foto Booth and can’t wait to see all the crazy photos from that!
Groom: The experience was great. She makes things so much fun! My favorite moments were the photo booth. Everybody loved it.

Mazel Tov. A Jewish Wedding. Columbus Wedding Photography

Julie and Oli.  Married.

The first time I saw Oli, my jaw dropped.  YES!  Thank you!  Some fabulous style.  You mean all grooms don’t have to wear a black tux?!  Nope, they sure do not.  I just love his fuchsia shirt, blue jacket and matching blue suede shoes.  Seriously.  AWESOME.

Julie found her gown and veil at a second hand shop in Berlin.  (Julie and Oli live in Germany. Toll!)  For a fun personal fact…  I was a German Exchange student in high school.  Throughout their wedding day, I kept making small German references to the groom and his family.  Needless to say, I’ll stick to English.  Or better yet, only speak German around my friends who only know English.  :)

Oli was greeted by his soon-to-be in-laws.  I think they love him!
Julie didn’t want flowers at her wedding so she handmade all of the jewelry, boutonnieres, hair pieces, her bouquet and the centerpieces!   Amazing!  And so very green!
Julie, you are so cute.  That is all.
There weren’t traditional bridesmaids.  Just close friends who happened to wear bright, complimentary colors (which they had no idea until they all stood together).
Julie made everyone these gorgeous hair pieces.

At a traditional Jewish wedding, the men and women remain in two separate rooms. Oli enjoyed whiskey and laughter with his male companions while Julie sat in her handmade Amish throne and enjoyed kisses and messages of love and encouragement from all of her lady guests. Oli then entered Julie’s room accompanied by a boisterous band, a happy rabbi and a lot of loud clapping loved ones to see his bride for the first time.

This was followed by the signing of the Ketubah, which was made with love by Julie’s father.  Surrounded by all of the supportive people who mattered the most in the world, Julie and Oli became one soul in two bodies.

I am just in awe when I see this photo.  Look how proud Julie’s mother is.  Such a priceless moment .

Julie and Oli had a Jewish ceremony at the Audobon Center in downtown Columbus.  It was a rainy summer Sunday and Julie wanted so badly to marry her handsome husband on the beautiful green terrace on the hill by the river.  Minutes before the ceremony, the dry decision was made for plan B.  I looked over at Julie and whispered, “it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day.”  Julie, squeezing her jeweled bouquet tightly, smiled and said, “that’s what everyone tells the bride to make her feel better.”  Tis true, Julie.  Tis true.  You don’t need the luck the rain brought in.  You are so completely blessed with the abundance of love you and Oli share.  (And I absolutely love your humor!)

Julie and Oli stood together on this beautiful observation deck overlooking the river. They embraced and looked out into their new future together.  They took in the sight like they were always meant to be right there together witnessing this day and their new journey as husband and wife.  Julie hugged Oli very tightly.  Oli wisped her hair away from her forehead and gave her a gentle kiss.  And soon the laughter and joy from the onlooking guests floated out to the newlyweds.   Julie and Oli, hand in hand, made their way toward the party, toward their future, as husband and wife.

Julie has that kind of smile.  You know, the smile of someone who knows what happiness and love is.

And her little shy grin speaks volumes.

Wedding fave.  LOVE IT!

This was the first Jewish ceremony I have ever photographed.  It was the fastest paced day of any wedding and a celebration I have ever shot. That said, it was so very exciting to document.  The passion and joy at this wedding was seriously monumental.  Not just from family, but of all the guests too.

I have never EVER seen so much dancing.  FROM EVERYONE.  My mouth hurt from smiling so much.  These folks have their feet on a plate and they were spinning around as Julie and Oli enjoyed the show.

Oli was born and raised in Germany.  English is his second language.  You would never know this.  He sang “I’m in love, I’m a Believer”.  This was the part of the song where he yelled…. “When I needed sunshine, I GOT RAIN”.  A pretty perfect lyric for their day and the guests exploded with cheer.

Fun games are a part of the culture.  Balancing bottles on hats, dancing games, a parachute, a massage train…again, the smiles and laughter never stopped.
It was Father’s Day.  This is pretty perfect for Father’s Day.  
Crayons on every table.  Um, yes, that’s fun!

Would you LOVE to see the video slideshow including tons of short clips of all the fabulous dancing?  CLICK HERE.

Julie and Oli, I am so very grateful to just share a little ounce of your warmth and kindness.  To document this for you.  To be there with you and witness your love.

And a blog favorite…some behind the scenes of Crystal Jo Foto.  Because, well, you know, we rock!

Thank you, Ana, for being my light girl, for carrying all my gear, and for bringing me every dessert left on the table.  You are da bomb diggity!
Julie’s cousin stole my camera.
And snapped this awesome photo.  (Thank goodness we shoot in raw because this was COMPLETELY blown out.  Yay for the flexibility with digital files!  And, thanks Julie’s cousin!)
Behind the foto booth scene.
And how did I get the extreme privilege of photographing my first jewish wedding?  One of my past brides, here on the left, excellent Emily.  Julie was one of Emily’s bridesmaids in her 2010 wedding.  Cheers to my Jo Foto brides.  Much love, ladies!

And a beautiful thank you from Julie…these fabulous handmade earrings. Thank you, Julie. You are so beautiful. Inside and out!


If you would like to view ALL of the wedding day photos when they are ready for viewing, click HERE to pre-register your email address.

their creative team…
Reception and Ceremony Site: The Grange Insurance Audubon Center
Video–Live streaming on–done by Julie’s brother or her Uncle Markie (for all the friends and family who couldn’t make it, including both of our grandparents–in Arizona, Amsterdam, and Carcassone, France!)
Caterer–Chef Chris from OSU’s Hillel
Cake/Desserts–done by my best friends from college, lead by master baker Sarah Gupton and sous-chef Kevi Mace (and Nora Connor and Gabi Fondiller helped lots)
Flowers–there were none, I (Julie) was strict with this and it made my mom really upset. She thought weddings couldn’t exist without flowers. I just didn’t want there to be flowers there grown in hothouses with tons of pesticides to then be thrown away a couple of days later. Instead, Oli and I made our centerpieces out of glass bottles (which we somehow miraculously broke into interesting enough and salvageable shapes) and brass and aluminum wire. These were to look like two trees twisted together, like the invitations. I also made the boutonnieres and my bouquet to resemble flowers with wire and beads.
Band–The Yiddishe Cup out of Cleveland, Ohio–we LOVED them!
Ceremony Music–not sure now if there even was any! Ha!  (The band played during the ceremony.:)Julie, you were dancing to your own beat.)
Hair and Make up-hair done by me with lots of help from Emily Wiegman–who is the very reason we found Crystal Jo Foto! Make up done by Alisa Rosado Swissa from Nordstrom’s Chanel dept.
Wedding Planner–I think we had a day-of coordinator, Julie Wasserstrom
Invitations/Paper–I (Julie) made the invitations–months of hard work, too! It’s watercolor and faber-castell black pens which I scanned, added text, and then uploaded to Everything was done on 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks.
Jewelry–also done by me. I’ve been making and selling jewelry for several years now. But making those hair pieces, boutineres, my bouquet, the centerpieces, those were all experiments!! I have a website (which because of the wedding has not been updated in a LONG time):
Rehearsal dinner–my parents’ house, outdoors
Wedding gown designer–found at a second hand shop in Berlin, along with the veil. Both from the fifties, and the dress was altered a bit to accommodate my smaller frame. Shoes were fun tango shoes from a tango store in Berlin. Pink ribbon/belt and pin both from deceased maternal grandmother.
Oli’s outfit–it’s really funny, he went shopping with his mother, and she told him to wear a white button-down, but the way he says it, when he saw the fuschia-colored one, he felt compelled to buy it and wear it. It’s certainly more his style! He wore a blue linen jacket and matching blue suede Bugatti shoes.

As told by Julie…
I made the Chuppah by hand. I made the chuppah because my deceased paternal grandmother was a quilter and I wanted her to be there with me as well. I guess I had always imagined both grandmothers walking down the aisle with me, too, so in this way, they were both there…ALSO, people at the reception were filling out leaves with good wishes, etc, on them. My mother’s best friend from college is a quilter and she is going to make the chuppah and leaves and turn it into one beautiful tree quilt/art piece as our wedding gift which we will receive in October when she visits us. Yay!

Rabbi Harold Berman (officiant) and Cantor Jack Chomsky conducted the ceremony. They’ve been my Rabbi and Cantor since before I can remember. (From Congregation Tifereth Israel)

Our Kippot (the blue head coverings) were made out of eco-suede (which means 100% recycled cardboard). We fought hard to make it as green friendly of a wedding as possible, little things like having the Bexley Beat shuttle around our out of town guests for the weekend really helped!

Also, Oli’s dad composed and performed an “anthem” that he wrote specifically for us and for that day. Oli sang “I’m a Believer” and “Lean on Me”–both surprises to me!!

their songs…

grand entrance –the Horah!!
first dance–not sure if we had one…? It wasn’t so important to us to follow all of the normal traditions.
father/daughter –I have no idea what it was to…

Lots of Israeli dancing! The little woman who was the dance leader was a surprise to the two of us–we didn’t know she came with the band!

their memories..

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
B: This is unfair! How am I supposed to pick just one?! If I pick one, then it’s a sliding slope and I’ll just gush on and on and on…But I guess if I had to choose (see, again, already ruining the theory behind not choosing), the Kabblat Panim, the time where I was sitting in my Amish-made throne (my mom drove out to Amish country for it!) getting a chance to greet every woman individually and hold her hand, look in their eyes, smile uncontrollably as they fought back tears, etc. It was a really beautiful time to be surrounded by women waiting in giant anticipation for the man of my dreams to come dancing through the door led by the musicians. I thought my heart would bounce onto the floor–it was definitely not in rhythm to the beat of the music!
G: This entire day is a puzzle, a mosaic of memories and impressions, and every bit just merged into one single emotion: happiness. No idea what happened before and after, who said and did what when, but I know that we all shared our happiness together. I guess I never saw my parents being so happy. They looked like they were flying and so did Julie and I.

What was your favorite detail?
B: The fact that WE made all the little details. I spent a lot of time making the bouquet, the hairpieces, the boutonnieres, my jewelry, etc, as well as the two of us sitting around one rainy afternoon putting together our centerpieces. That was really fun!
G: My favorite detail of the day was the way Julie held on to her self-made bouquet when I first got to see her that day, which was so delicate and so gentle. There was so much affection in that little grip.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
B:Two things: one, find silence the morning of. My morning could have been horrible–it was really loud and hectic and everyone was stressed trying to get everything ready to be transported to the Audubon–but I blasted some really calming music and kept my door shut. It was as blissful as could be. The second thing is to find a way to thank the people that have worked the hardest, that mean the most to you throughout the weekend because I knew I was going to forget to say thank you publicly during the speech (and I did), but I tried to do little things and make gifts and write cards to tell people how much they meant to me, in general, and in lieu of the wedding maelstrom.
G: Allow yourself to be nervous, allow yourself to freak out, because once you allow that to happen, at some point everything will start falling into place naturally and it’ll feel like a roller coaster ride you never had before. And you’d better enjoy that, because you only get to go for it once :))) So, make sure you take some time to step back, stop thinking, and just look, listen, and enjoy the moment.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
B: I wasn’t particularly pleased with some of the things that I had been assured would have been great and just weren’t. BUT I’m choosing to focus on the amazing things, like the fact that my best friends from college spent their weekend baking up a storm–and boy, was it worth it! Yummy!
G: As I said, it’s a ride you only get once and it’s over really fast! Enjoy it, live it, savor it!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
B: We went to Telluride, Colorado. There was a bluegrass festival in town, and we did tons of hiking. The weather was also amazing–super hot and sunny the whole time. Why do people want to always go to the beach for their honeymoon when the mountains have great weather, great food, and amazing views??

What was your favorite moment/thing with Crystal Jo?:)
B: I wouldn’t say it was a moment, rather a feeling. I just had this warm, comfortable feeling like we were all having fun and we never had to pose, just live. I don’t love being photographed, but Crystal Jo just made it fun! I also liked posing at the very end in the photobooth together:)
G: It felt very natural and as if it were second nature. I liked that Crystal Jo was confident and knew what she was doing and this is why we felt we were taken care of very well.

A few days before their wedding, Pixie and I met Julie and Oli at the Audobon Center to check out our surroundings. Birdie, a nickname for Pixie, was so amused by this place! A fun educational place filled with birds and all things nature. I highly recommend checking it out! (It’s a metro park and it’s free!)

Michele Schwartz - These are fabulous! I love the story, the pictures and everything about this wedding! I would LOVE to feature it on my blog–The Modern Jewish Wedding. If you agree, I could use your post and tailor it to my blog. No work for you. Of course, you get full photo credit and multiple links back to your website.

I look at Jewish weddings all day, every day. I can’t tell you how amazingly cool this one is! Thanks for sharing it!

Golf Cart Love. Columbus Wedding Photography

Jessica and Kyle.  Married.

To view the beautiful video slideshow, click HERE.

A warm embrace before her son becomes a husband.

Jessie and Kyle got married on a beautiful golf course in Zanesville.  The golf carts were SO much fun!

And I fell in love with this awesome couch!

The ceremony was quite emotional.  They chose to write their own vows and it was so very touching.

Delicious Buckeyes for guest favors.

This cracks me up.  I say “be serious” and they just couldn’t do it.  So cute and SO them!

No that’s one good lookin’ bridal party with one heck of a view.

The Newlyweds.  So happy in love.

You guys are seriously adorable together.  And haven’t you been together for like umpteen years?!  Still so very much in love.
The first dance was to “The Luckiest” sang by the bride’s brother.  It was SO AWESOME!

Gotta love the green flowers!  And the Jo Foto engagement photos that adorned the tables for a personal touch.  Yeee-yay!

Fun foto booth.

Behind the scenes with Crystal Jo Foto.

Where we have lots of fun.
And almost crash golf carts.
Where Mother of the Bride’s trust us with their lives.
And Bride’s trust us with their wedding.
And where we make really cool silhouette shots.  The End.
If you would like to view all of the wedding photos when they are ready for viewing, click HERE to pre-register your email address.
their creative team
Reception and Ceremony SiteEagle Sticks Golf Course
-Ryan Ankrom (Groom’s Cousin)
Caterer-Eagle Sticks Golf Course
Stacey’s Home Bakery
Flowers-Tracy’s Flowers

Mega Music DJ- Trevor Griffith
Ceremony Music
– Josh Caton (cousin of Bride)
Hair and Make up
– Lori’s Hair Design
Wedding Planner
– N/A
– Jay Harris (Uncle of Groom)
White House Black Market
Rehearsal dinner
Jack Havana’s
Wedding gown designer- Galina- David’s Bridal
their songs….
processional- Now and Forever- Lifehouse
recessional – The Luckiest- Ben Folds
grand entrance – Carmen Ohio
first dance
– The Luckiest – Bride’s brother
– Never Alone- Lady Antebellum
– Simple Man- Shinedown
– Single Ladies- Beyonce/ The Right Stuff- New Kids on the Block
– When I said I do- Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black
last dance
– I Wanna Grow Old With You- Adam Sandler
their memories…
What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Bride: Our First dance. My brother sang it for us and it made it very intimate and getting ready with my bridal party while enjoying the excitement and anticipation of getting married! However, the whole day was very memorable for me.
Groom: Seeing Jess walk down the aisle.What was your favorite detail?
Bride: Wow, That’s hard to choose. We had a lot of little details that I loved. We used a lot of personal touches, like picking each specific song for the ceremony and having pictures of us everywhere. And of course I loved my dress.
Groom: The music and all the dancing, especially my dad,brother and groomsman.Any advice for future bride/grooms?
Bride: Savor the experience. Really enjoy every moment along the way, whether it’s planning, or the bridal shower. Take time to take in all the day’s events. Finally, Make the day all about you two and your love. It is your day, plan it how you want it. Skip traditions you don’t like or make your own.
Groom: Take time planning the wedding, do everything YOU want to do.If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Bride: I must say, in my opinion our day was perfect!  If I had to change something I would have kept the reception going longer than it did,but we got kicked out at midnight!
Groom: Made the reception go longer.Where did you go on your honeymoon? Lido Beach Resort, Sarasota

What was your favorite moment/thing with Crystal Jo? :)
Bride: Getting pictures with my husband and the foto booth. All of our guest said they had a blast in the booth.
Groom: All the shots were so candid that I barely noticed she was there.

Butterfly wishes. Columbus Wedding Photography

Carri and Brian. Married.

With details galore!  It was a vintage inspired garden theme.

I love “getting ready photos”. The energy in the room is so cool. Excitement, nervous, emotional, happy, bittersweet. It’s all there and it’s all so very filling.

Oh, and when Carri was getting her hair done, she told the girls to make it look “all messy”.  I love this about you Carri!  It doesn’t have to be all perfect and traditional.

The ceremony was gorgeous. The highlight, you ask? The first kiss. Brian picked Carri up and spun her around. It was adorable.

Oh, and these adorable little fairy butterflies that were magical and oh-so cute.

Right after the ceremony, the happy couple did something very unique.  A butterfly release.  A butterfly is a symbol of transformation and renewal to celebrate the changes in life.
According to Native American legends, if you have a secret wish, capture a butterfly and whisper you wish to it. Since butterflies cannot speak, your secret is safe in their keeping. Release the butterfly, and it will carry your wish to the Great Spirit, who alone knows the thoughts of butterflies. If you set the butterfly free, you are helping to restore the balance of nature, and your wish will come true.
May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun And find your shoulder to light on, To bring you luck, happiness and riches Today, tomorrow and beyond. ~Irish Blessing

And they provided pure happiness.

Vegan cupcakes.  Nom. Nom.
A ton of thought and detail went into the outfits for the day.  Carri’s sisters Vera Wang dress was spruced up with the fun flowers and pick-ups.  Carri’s father wore a bow tie, a key pocket pen and topped it all off with a top hat.  The groom’s brother had suspenders, a top hat and a cane.  So dapper and different.

The first dance was so romantic and beautiful. Brian lifted Carri like a delicate flower. There were turns and lifts and swinging and a dip,kneel, kiss at the end. It was just magical.

And then the mother/son dance followed where the mother of the groom tried to mimic Carri’s beautiful movements. It was hilarious.
Who says bubbles are only for the grand exit?!
Time for FUN!  I love this family!  They are genuinely fun.   

I can’t say this enough… Peonies are GORGEOUS. GORG! My favorite flower. I wanted these for my wedding but my florist said they weren’t in season for my June nuptials.  Carri’s sister wasn’t taking no for an answer.  She called over a dozen florists before she found them.  AND BEAUTIFUL THEY WERE!  (Carri even gifted Ana and I a bouquet after the reception.  Thank you, Carri.  That was so sweet of you.  And they looked SO pretty in my living room.)

Stunning, just stunning.
I love the lines of the tree and Carri’s cute little pose.
Just Married!  (The wind wouldn’t stop!)
So then a family member yelled out, “put it up against the tree.”  Duh, why didn’t I think of that!
Time flies when you’re having fun.
Carri makes jewelry.  She made tons of pieces for her wedding including this beautiful, intricate necklace and the groom’s cuff links with tiny watch parts.  Carri, you are so very talented!
I love the cute bow.   Carri’s wedding dress was made from pieces of the groom’s mother’s wedding gown and her grandmother’s gown.  

LOVE!  (Wedding fave.)  This was all Carri.  She went antique-ing for all of the vintage inspired elements that were apart of her special day.
I love the vintage looking parasol.
Fun foto booth!
A little behind the scenes….
Ana, you’re pretty.
Wouldn’t I make a good looking’ bridesmaid?!  Uh huh.
“Look pretty.  Like this.”
Ana the #1 photo bomber!
Yeah, pose like that.  Work it, gurl!  (Brian’s thinking..puh-leez don’t make me do that!)
Arm workout.
Dude, it was too bright to open my eyes!

What a beautiful day! Thank you, Carri and Brian, for inviting us to share the day with you. Everything was just so magical and touching. I love all of the details! I wish you both a world full of butterfly wishes and happiness. Xoxo.

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their creative team…

Reception and Ceremony Site: Franklin Park Conservatory, The Bride’s Garden & The Veridan
Caterer: Creative Cuisine – the food was fantastic!
Cake: Cupcakes from Pattycake Vegan Bakery – they were a hit!! I ate 4 of them that day!!
Flowers: grown fresh from the gardens of Steve Anderson. Bouquets & centerpieces arranged by Me, my sister, family & friends.
Ceremony Music: My best friends daughter Sierra Vein payed the Violin.
Hair and Make up: My best friend Cara did my hair. I did my own makeup.
Invitations/Paper: Custom Design by Margie Monigold at Expressions in Print
Jewelry: Iridescence Jewelry All the jewelry was designed and made by me! My sister & Cara helped me with the fabric flowers.
Wedding gown designer: I designed my dress & had it custom made by Sharon Richardson.
Butterfly Release: compliments of my dear freind Heather Tokas founder of Butterflies from Heather ~ Releasing & Conserving Butterflies since 1974


their songs….

processional An Old Romance by Stephen Heller
I walked sown the asile to Once Upon a Time by Robert Volkman

recessional The Enchanted Garden by Robert Volkman
first dance Secret Door by Evanescence
father/daughter My Girl by The Temptations
stepfather/daughter Stand by Me by Ben E. King
mother/son What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong


their memories…

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Carri: Our first dance. We spent a lot of time up in our attic practicing every move & had so much fun learning to dance together. Brian wasn’t crazy about the idea at first but agreed to do it for me! It was one of the things I was really excited about! I couldn’t wait to surprise everyone with it the day of the wedding! & Boy was it a surprise to everyone to see Brain dance as well as he did!!
Brian: The ceremony. Seeing Carri in her dress for the first time with such a big smile was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

What was your favorite detail?

Carri: Definately my dress! I planned pretty much everything else around it. It was so special & significant in so many ways. I got to design it myself & have it handmade by a very talented & very special friend of the family! It was made from Brian’s mother & grandmother’s antique wedding gowns so it had beautiful pieces of history sewn into it. I felt so honored to get to walk down the aisle in such a meaningful dress!
Brian: The butterfly release at the end of the ceremony. I’ve never seen anything like that before & it was just a really cool experience.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

We were together for 8 years before we got married & have had many ups & downs so we think it’s important to develop a strong love, as well as a solid friendship before tying the knot!!

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Yes we wish we could have taken our honeymoon AFTER our wedding instead of before it. Unfortunately Brian couldn’t get any time off work after the wedding so we decided to take an early honeymoon. It would have been really nice to unwind and decompress together in paradise after all the stress of the wedding planning was over!!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii & we absolutely loved it!!

What was your favorite moment/thing with Crystal Jo?

We really enjoyed the one on one Bride & groom session with Crystal Jo! You are always a ton of fun to work with!!

From Gymnast to Mommy. Columbus Family Photography

Charlotte Grace. 6 Months Big.

I went to high school with these folks.  Ashlynne and I were on the same gymnastics team.  She was an awesome gymnast and now she’s an even better Mommy.  I love this little family!
Now that’s what I call CUTE!  (Session fave!)
Piggies in the water!
Location change.  To where, you ask?  Oh, you know…the local laundromat.

This load right here…she’s priceless.

Look at those chunky rolls.  LOVE!

Margaux - I love love love this session…Charlotte Grace is such an adorable baby girl!!!

amy - As always, these are beautiful. My session fave is your session fave!