Light Through Yonder Window Breaks. Project 52

Project 52

Week 2 of 52:  Light Through Yonder Window Breaks

I know I’ve totally been non-existent.  Does it count I just MOVED?  Nah.  Not really.  I know this project is supposed to be more of a personal interpretation of our lives and how we view each theme.  Weekly, we are supposed to push ourselves and use the theme and our camera to do so.  I’m not gonna lie, this photo is not from week two of January, but it is current (so current the bride has not even seen it!) and it is SO VERY personal to me as it was my eye and vision and it came out even better than I could have ever imagined.

I just LOVE window light.  I love the mood…the feel it brings to a photo.  I love the shadows of light that are cast from the other windows and how they hit her beautiful bridal gown.  I love the detailed lighting on the ceiling and how elegant it is framed.  I love the lines and reflection.  Mmm… I just love THIS photo!

Now I have ZERO moving excuses to use.  IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG for week three.  Which we so happen to be in the middle of right now.  I better get on it!  Toodles, friends.

Destinee - Beautiful image!

In the Beginning. Project 52

Project 52

I’m undergoing a grand project.  A photo a week, on a planned theme, for 52 weeks.  I’ve done something similar on Instagram (follow me @CrystalJoFoto) where I’ve posted daily photos.  This is a bit more of a challenge because I have to get out the “big camera” and actually post the weekly photo to my blog.  But with a new challenge brings learning, motivation and creativity.  So I’M IN!

Week 1 of 52:  In the Beginning.

Here it is.  We are selling our house.  The home where we became two.  The home where we became three.  We are soon saying hello to a new home (renting for a bit as we build our dream home) and goodbye to our first little house.  This has been extremely bittersweet for me.  As we pack the boxes, room by room, tears fill my eyes and I remember all of the special moments we’ve shared.  This is where we shared our beginning.  In the Beginning. 

Rachel - Very nice! We’ve got a lot of moving going on in the project! It is bittersweet but new beginnings mean new stories and new memories! Looking forward to what you will do the remainder of the year!

Kristina Provinsal - Oh tears too!!! Great pic and I imagine SO bittersweet! To new beginnings and many happy ones at that!

Rae - <3– I know how you feel as we are going through something similar, and I am so happy for you guys! Though, it has to be hard to leave that house because you guys decorated it so rockin'!

amy - Tears….happy and sad

David Seymour - Project 52 – Great idea. Wondering how/why I might document my own journey. And then there is the thought ‘who cares?’ Yours is very touching though. However, as a pro-photographer aren’t you concerned about your copy rights and being a free stock house for Instagram, etc.?

Aunt Angie - Cant wait to see what this year has in store for the Holts

Polka dots, pretty curls, and poinsettias. Columbus Baby Photography

Delaney. Two Years Big.

Don’t you just love her polka dots and pretty curls?

A Momma’s love.  Pretty indescribable.
The Franklin Park Conservatory is ready for Christmas. It looked so festive and beautiful!
To say she loved the train would be an understatement.
She couldn’t keep her eyes off of it!
Session fave.  On the right.  WHA?  I’m two, who me?!

Delaney is going to make a great big sister!  And it’s a BOY!

Pouting. She’s two. That’s her job:)

My little buddy:)

More on Delaney…

What is your favorite memory during Delaney’s first two years of life?
I still love remembering the night she took her first steps! With clenched fists and constant hollering, she made her way across the kitchen:

Do you have a funny story or something that happened that you’d like to share?
Delaney is definitely NOT a morning person! Getting her up for school each day is a challenge (unfortunately, she’s just like her momma). We always try to wake her up slowly by asking questions about fun stuff she has going on in the day whether it’s playing outside, visiting with her Mimi or going to school (which she LOVES) – typically she answers EVERY question with a whiny Nnnnooooo! Here is a clip of one of her rough mornings:

What age/month has been your favorite and why?
We have favorite memories from every stage, but the stage she’s going through right now is so awesome. She’s just so excited and intrigued by everything around her and it truly makes your heart smile. She’s talking more and more each day and her personality is really starting to shine…just love the little lady she’s growing up to be

One word to describe your Delaney is…ADVENTUROUS

Delaney’s Favorites…
Animal: Doggies
Food: Marshmallows
Toy: Her Yo Gabba Gabba Toys, especially Brobee