Create. Project 52

Project 52

Week 14 of 52: Create

Gymnastics is a wonderful sport where you turn and twist and create this beautiful form of art with your body.  I am very proud to say I coach children this amazing sport and I am constantly in awe of the beauty and grace these gymnasts learn and execute.  Here’s a photo of Celi competing her balance beam routine at a gymnastics meet on Saturday.  She even finished it with a smile!

Canon 5DMkIII, 70-200mm, f/2.8
ISO 1600, f/2.8, 1/160 sec, 70mm

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Megan - YAY! I was a gymnast for 14 years. Best sport E.V.E.R. What a wonderful connection to create!!

miranda - Love this! Beautiful shot and I love that you get to coach too!

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Our Easter Weekend.

Our Easter weekend was WONDERFUL!

Sometimes I feel a bit guilty the awesome places I get to share with my clients for their photo sessions.  I give them my all, with attention to every detail including the final touches on a delivered product.  I was editing a family session that was taken here at Franklin Park and I thought, “I need to take Pix here.  She needs beautiful photographs where Momma plans every detail!”  And so it became…

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

She’s so inquisitive.  

I wore this necklace at her baby shower.  A bit of a sentiment.

And bless her little tender heart, she held a colorful butterfly with amazement and awe. 

I’m still trying to decide which photo I want for a large canvas.  Leave a comment if you have a fave.  Jason’s vote is going for the first photo on this blog.. my heart strings just tug at this little bit of heaven right here…

Saturday we headed to the Zoo for Eggs, Paws and Claws.  (Her expression here is priceless.  Really, mom.  Really!)

We saw TONS of bunnies!
And even met Hop.
Then we headed home for a family nap.  Which was ALMOST as good as the Zoo.  :)
Easter morning she woke up and found a trail of eggs…

The Easter Bunny came!

Only fitting.. a cell phone and a camera.  She can multi-task with the best-of-em.

I love these crocheted eggs made by my dear friend, Paula.
Then we headed to Cimi’s Bistro for brunch with the Holt Bunch.
And a visit to Nana Holt’s to see if the bunny made a stop there.  Oh, yes he did!

I LOVE this basket!  I think it’s even more special when I only see it once a year.
Then to Gramia’s house for an egg hunt.  (Easter coat given to Pixie from Nannie Mary Anne.  Yes, she’s a spoiled little girl!)

Last stop on Easter… my Dad’s for Jacques family dinner.  Where Pix showed off her gymnastics skills… and also her ability to find photos, YouTube and games on any iPhone.

Although it was a crazy busy weekend with a few tantrums, two potty accidents (one of which happened at Franklin Park, as an older couple went on and on about how cute Pixie is, she peeeeeeeed right down her legs, into her shoes and all over the floor.  Real cute!), and a Momma meltdown over what shoes Pix was going to wear during a muddy egg hunt, it was BEAUTIFUL. Being with family is so very comforting.  The BIG BIG love fills the air and it just smells SO good!
Happy Spring!

amy - Wonderful post! Love you all so very much. xoxo

Roberta - The seventh one down, with the yellow flowers in the background. But I also like the one you like…

Routine. Project 52

Project 52

Week 13 of 52: Routine.

Dishes. Every morning (because I’m too lazy to do the dinner dishes at night) we stand side-by-side in front of the sink and scrub the dishes.  It’s our little routine.  As much as I hate doing the dishes, I so very much enjoy her little voice as she learns new words and sentences.  “Help Mommee washen da dishes!”

This is the kitchen in our rental house.  Pretty outdated and the dishwasher probably hasn’t worked since the 80’s.  We are getting REALLY EXCITED for the new house.  We should be ready to break ground April 15th!  Eek…no more hand-washing the dishes!  Then I’ll have to come up with another routine where I can soak up all of baby girl’s sweetness.

Canon 5DMkII, 35mm f/1.4
ISO 400, f/1.8, 1/100 sec

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michelle - Love this. Such a great memory to have.

Momma Mia - You know this is you and I right

Tropical Paradise in Ohio. Columbus Family Photography

The Cicora Fam.

In from Colorado for Spring Break and a fun family photo session.

And a little bit of LOVE…

I just love the pops of orange in their outfits.  Nice job, Momma!

Daddy and his boys.

It looks like they are in a tropical paradise!

Session fave.  I think this NEEDS to be a large canvas over your couch.  :)


To the Cicora Fam… thank you for always bringing sunshine and fun to all of our photo sessions. You are always such a pleasure and I love all of Nico’s hugs. Gigi told me all about your trip and your house. The sweetest little children ever. Xo!