Giving away Daddy’s Girl. Columbus Wedding Photography

Elise and Dennis.  Married.

The ceremony and reception was at the Franklin Park Conservatory. There are beautiful butterflies everywhere. AWESOME! These little colorful boogers make everyone smile.

I LOVE the lighting here.

Elise.  You are BEAUTIFUL.  SO BEAUTIFUL.  Inside and out.  Xoxo.

Dennis…you’re so handsome! Look, all of these guys think it’s so funny how handsome you are.

There’s just something about this that I love.

Beautiful bouquets made by Elise’s Aunt from Chicago.  She’s about to open her own flower shop.  I’m thinkin’ it’s gonna be a hit!
This is priceless.  A million years from now, she’ll know, they’ll be loving her still.
Pretty in pink.
About a month ago, Elise and I got up at sunrise to shoot her bridal session.  Her plan…to gift her father this very photo before she walked down the aisle.  It has words from their father/daughter song.  I’m sure it was a moment he’ll never forget.

This may just be THE best giving away I’ve ever witnessed.  Elise’s dad said some very emotional, kind words to Dennis.  It was so heartfelt and endearing.
Which, of course, resulted in happy tears.
Priceless moments.  Why I love my “job”.

The way he looks at her…SO much love.

And she looks back at him the same way.

If you want pretty pictures for your outdoor ceremony…get married in the evening.  It was so perfect.  The lighting, the temperature, EVERYTHING.

Elise, you are so adorable!

The wind picked up Elise’s veil at the exact moment of their first kiss. MEANT. TO. BE.
I love his shy squinty smile.

Here it is again.

This bridal party was SO well behaved. I’m used to the rowdy ones. They followed directions and were very quick to get into “position”. Thanks guys..wanna be my bridal party role models?

Oh, oh, oh. Be still, my heart.

Love. Love. Love.

Ohhhh la la.

Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan!

A slow dance with dad suddenly turned into a funny choreographed get down. Hilarious!

Fun times had by all.
Photo booths = FUN

Some behind the scenes fun.

Light girl’s first wedding.  Isn’t she cute?!  She was so giddy and excited.  Love it.

The incognito ladies in black chatting about the MASTER PLAN to tackle and achieve the BEST wedding photographs EVER.  Success, I must say.
The sniper.
We’re hot.  Even when we walk.
What can I say?!?  I’ll do anything to make you laugh!
Roberta’s shot is now the groom’s profile image on Facebook.  Blah.  She wins.
Sameday wedding slideshow played on my 27 inch iMac at the reception.  SO AWESOME.  Everyone LOVED it.  And the bride and groom went home with a flash drive of the pictures.  How cool is that?!
Oh, just hangin’ with my girl.

Light Girl (Ana), you rocked out your first wedding.  GREAT JOB girlie.  Love you bunches!

Dude, photobooths are awesome. Fun bride and grooms…more AWESOME.  Fun photographers….QUADRUPLE AWESOME!

Thank you so much for trusting us with your wedding photography.  It was a true honor being there.  We wish you both the HAPPIEST life ever.  Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan!

Fabulous Vendors…

Reception and Ceremony Site- Franklin Park Conservatory Bride’s Garden and Veridian
Caterer- Creative Cuisine
Cake- Sauer Cakes
Flowers- The brides wonderful aunt- Shelia Wiens with her new business Livvy’s Lillies
DJ/Band- Paragon Music
Ceremony Music- Dennis’ friends, the Rensink triplets Jake, Nate, and Alex
Hair and Make up- Aveda Salon and Merle Norman
Rehearsal dinner- At the bride’s parents house- Melvin’s BBQ and skyline

Fabulous Music….

Processional – Wagner Bridal Chorus
Recessional – Mendelssohn Midsummer Night’s Dream
Grand Entrance- Forever by Chris Brown
First Dance- The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra
Father/Daughter- I Loved Her First by Heartland/The Time Warp!
Cake Cutting – Cut the Cake by the Average White Band
Last Dance- New York, New York

Fun Questions…

What was the most memorable part of your day?
Bride- When my two favorite men, my dad and my groom, hugged and cried
when he gave me away- tears of joy!
Groom- Watching my beautiful wife walk down the aisle.

What was your favorite detail?
Bride- The flowers. I loved them, they were beautiful, and am so
happy to say my wonderful aunt did it all!
Groom- The fact that nothing fell apart. We thought at least some
minor disaster/situation would pop up, but everything went so

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Bride- Nothing! Almost everything went the way we planned, and even
the little mistakes are something we can laugh about.
Groom- No.

Any advice for future bride and grooms?
Bride- Don’t stress. It’s an amazing day if you just relax and enjoy it!
Groom- A year and a half long engagement is great – if you want to
stress about wedding planning details for a year and a half.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Bride- Puerto Vallarta. Too bad we didn’t know it was rainy season:(
Groom- Seattle … I mean, Puerto Vallarta. It rained EVERY day but
we still had a lot of fun.

Wrapped up in some temptation yarn. Columbus Engagement Photography

The coolest waterfall ever.  Okay, it may not be the coolest.  But we had to climb down a mountain to see this thing.  So it’s SUPER cool to us.  And there’s not many waterfalls in the middle of Columbus, so yes, it’s cool.

Scary. But worth it.

Meet Caleb and Holly.  They’re cute.

And so am I.

SO cute.

See.  Told ya.

Bow chicka wow wow.  Stand like this and you will look HOT!

LOVE.  We totally stumbled upon this field.  I was in HEAVEN.

Fave from the session.  On the right.

If you choose me as your photographer…

1. We’re going to have FUN.

2.  You ARE guaranteed a good LAUGH.

3.  I might touch your rear.  I just might.  It happens.

Great choice, Caleb!

This picture just screams BABY, I LOVE YOU.

Street cars were honking at Holly. As they should. She was diggin’ it. As she SHOULD!

Hello, very fitting sign in the background.  Thanks for being there.

It’s getting dark.  What to do?  Well…go stand in the middle of the street!

…. and then…

…we almost died.

I like how you can see Light Girl’s hand on the left side.  She was waving traffic by so that we could get the light trails from the cars.  Everyone kept stopping because we were in the middle of the street.  Duh, most people would.  Unless you are an ANGRY woman driving a green slug bug.  Hey, lady, drink a tall glass of milk and get over yourself…we have cool photos to make.  BOOOO-YAH.

I’m looking forward to your September wedding, friends. See ya soon!

Lauren Clark - I LOVE Holly and Caleb’s pics!!! Crytstal Jo you do an amazing job! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Holly - These are awesome! Thanks so much for all of the great photos and a great session. So much fun! :o )

A bump that is not covered with leaves. Columbus Maternity Photography

Kelly and Houston. Pregnant.

Due in August. With baby Houston.

They are cute. And funny. You’ll see…

Houston the 3rd is in tow. I love that name. Houston.

Light Girl working her magical magic.

We walked like a mile to find this fountain.  Um, the fountain is no longer a fountain.  It’s a dried up grassy mess.  That makes for beautiful photos…

And photographers who jump in the swampy mess to get the shot.  Well, because you don’t walk a mile for nuttin’.

I REALLY REALLY wanted to use this BUMP sign.  I just couldn’t reach it with the stick.  Eeeeeek. It was covered by a bunch of leaves.

You know you have SUPER cool clients if they hoist you up on their shoulders!

Um, are we silly or what..
Duh…turn around, fools.  There is a perfectly visible BUMP sign with NO leaves hiding it’s fabulous BUMP message on the opposite side of the street! DUH. Crazy photographer!

Oh well, makes for a funny story!

Only cool pregnant chicks lay in the middle of the street.  And ignore the traffic.
Hello light.
So little.
Um, Houston, your belly is just as big as your wifey’s.  HILARIOUS!  He did this more than once during our shoot.  Funny guy.  Your son is going to be laughing all the time.

Before every shoot, I try to look through photos to get some inspiration for my upcoming session.  Well I ran into this really cute photo of the momma-to-be with a coffee mug on her belly.  I thought, hmmm…I could find a cute mug.  Rummaging through our cabinets, I found these adorable ice cream cups my step momma gave me for Christmas about five years ago.  (She actually put together a basket full of goodies ice cream related…spoons, sprinkles, bowls, a scoop, chocolate chips, caramel, a dessert cookbook, an apron, those flavored morsels you’d never buy on your own…  A super cool gift.)

So, a fun couple and ice cream goodies = these FAN-TABULOUS photos…

This was all Houston’s idea. How creative!

Kelly, you are glowing. So pretty. A natural, momma glow. Love it.  Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.  Rock it out girl!

If you drive the same car as the JO FOTO mobile, well let’s just say it, YOU ARE FAN-TABULOUS! So let’s get our group shot with our jazzy Jeeps. MMmmmkkkk.

We took this first shot and Light Girl says, “Hey, I wanna do a handstand, let’s take it again!”  MMMMMmmmmmkkkkkk.

Take two.  Nice handstand Light Girl.  I bet that pavement felt REALLY soft on your pretty head.
Take three.  Light Girl is still laughing so hard she can’t get up.  We may need to work on your gymnastics skills, Light Girl.  Next shoot we’ll get it!

I’ll be seeing and meeting your little one soon. Can’t wait!

ring: 614.397.0352

Sammi - Cute kelly! and your right!.. baby Houston will always be laughing because of his dad :)

light girl - lmbo…oh my gosh that is too funny! love the pics photog!

Radiant roses and a radiant momma-to-be. Columbus Maternity Photographer

Tiffany, James and Baby G in belly.

They do not know if it’s a boy or girl.  I love the thought of this GRAND surprise.  I could never wait to find out so I give them both big high fives for waiting it out.

Tiffany is due July 8th.  They are hoping for a fourth of July baby.  Talk about fireworks.  How cool would that be?!

Guess who has the honor of  shooting the birth?  Yep, yours truly.   I can’t wait!

She’s glowing!

Tiffany’s friend made this for her baby shower.  I saw pictures of the nursery on facebook and this was hanging in Baby G’s room.  What a cute prop!

Tiffany, you are SO beautiful.  Inside and out!
Love this.
Look how big her bump looks in the shadow.  Hehehehe.  And James at the top of the tree.  Love.

Okay, bad idea.
BEST maternity picture ever?  YES!  This was at the end of our session.  Right after I snapped this, I told Tiffany and James I accidentally deleted the whole memory card and this was the only photograph we have from their maternity session.  Her face was pretty priceless.

O-H-I-blah.  Dude, WE are awesome. Light girl (Gator fan). Well, she is NOT.

Sending hugs and kisses and healthy wishes your way, Tiff.  Xoxo.

ring: 614.397.0352

Tiffany - XOXO right back at you! These are beautiful. Thank you for capturing these final moments before we become a family of 3. We love having you there to catch all these wonderful moments in our lives.

Kim Panter - I love these pictures. What a beautiful way to memorialize this occasion.

Cyndi - Loved the pictures. The one in the tree is my favorite. Congrats to the 3 of you.

A rehearsal in the dress. Columbus Wedding Photography

Elise. Bridal.

I love bridal sessions. The bride puts on her dress and gets to play dress up before the BIG day. She’s relaxed and ready to have fun in her beautiful gown.

Elise did this session for her father. She plans to gift him with a portrait and poem on her wedding day. I couldn’t post these until after her day. You know, she doesn’t want to ruin the big reveal of this gorgeous gown!

I’ve always wanted to photograph near some colorful newspaper stands. It kinda goes with a wedding dress, right?! Sure!

Pixie’s fave.

Love, love, love!  My fave.

She’s so happy. So pretty.

Um, pink heels. Yes, please.

ring: 614.397.0352