Two High School Seniors. One cute couple. Columbus Senior Photography

Meet Jake and Payton. Two High School seniors. One cute couple.

Can you believe they’ve been together for two years?  That’s like a SUPER long time for high school sweethearts!  It must be LOVE.  :)
My session fave…just ADORE THE LIGHT and Payton’s cute little pose with a matching smirk.

Big smiles and bright futures.
Payton and Jake are All Stars, and SO IS JAKE’S RIDE!

She plays field hockey, he plays soccer, and the car…well it goes really fast.

Bryn was our light girl.  And Jake’s sister was our photo bomber.  :) Payton and Jake, it was a real pleasure capturing time in your lives. Good luck in all your future endeavors.  Xoxo!

Who is Jake?

I’m really into cars and I like to try new things. I’m really adventurous and want to try a lot of different things before I die, like shy diving.

Who is Payton?

I really like to please the people I’m close to and don’t like to let people down. I try my hardest at everything I put my heart to. My friends and family think I’m weird, but I like to tune then out. They’re weirder.

List 3 songs on your musical playlist…
Jake: 500 miles, Headstrong and you shook me all night long by ACDC
Payton: cameras, cough syrup and she will be loved

What do you do in your free time?
Jake: Soccer and play video games and hang out with my friends and girlfriend
Payton: I’m the captain of the field hockey team and love taking pictures in my free time and hang out with my friends and Jake.

What is your favorite memory from High School?
Jake: Playing with my soccer team throughout all of High School
Payton: Winning the field hockey tournament game against Bishop Hartley

What are you plans for post graduation?
Jake: go to college, not sure where though
Payton: go to collage somewhere in Ohio

What do you wanna be when you “grow up”?
Jake: undecided but looking into healthcare
Payton: hopefully go into Psychology

How was your experience with Crystal Jo?
Jake: She made me laugh which helped with the pictures because I don’t like smiling for pictures.
Payton: Crystal Jo always makes me laugh and she’s just fun to be around. At my brothers wedding, I turned around to find her under my sister-in-laws dress and couldn’t stop laughing. (Just a little tidbit about this….I (Crystal Jo) was under her dress fixing her bustle. ☺ And it cracks me up that you remember this from 2009!)

Gingham galore. Columbus Family Photography

Layla and Jackson.  Two adorable littles with tons of energy and loads of laughter.

Seriously.  Adorable.  (Photo on the right is my session fave!)
Dontcha just love her little gingham dress?!  It makes me wanna have a picnic!
Jackson can jump like Michael Jordan.
Isn’t she beautiful?!
And so full of energy!

Heck Yes ‘I Do’. Columbus Wedding Photography

Nicole and Joel. Married.

They’ve seriously been together since grade school.  She’s been dreaming of this day since then.  Perfect in every way.

It was a beautiful August day.  Where rain swept in but it didn’t ruin a thing.  

Nicole, you are a real beauty.  Striking!
Nicole and Joel compliment each other in the best of ways.  She’s loud and boisterous.  He’s quiet and calm and brings a comfort that surrounds her.  It’s easy to see.
Nicole and Joel had a First Look before the ceremony.  And boy, oh boy, was it emotional and beautiful!
Most definitely my favorite shot of the day!
I just love how Joel is wiping away her tear.  Tear.
Well, hello, handsome groomsmen!

They all wore matching Converse kicks that had their last names up the back of the shoe.  Joel had these custom made for his buddies.  Coolest bridal party shoes EVER!
And I just LOVE the colors and guys gray suits without jackets.  AWESOME and so personal.
…and they lived happily ever after!
During our bridal shoot downtown a crazy downpour came out of the middle of nowhere.  I can’t get over how funny this photo is…
So I begged and begged Nicole to trust me for some cool indoor photos.  She REALLY wanted to just head back to Grove City once it started raining.  She was getting worried about her outdoor decorations.  She was concerned her dress would get wet and dirty.  She was thinking, “Is it really going to rain during my ceremony?!  I really want to get married outside.  Please don’t rain.  I want to go back, please Crystal Jo!”  Thank you, Nicole, for trusting me.  We were able to grab these FANTABULOUSLY COOL photos and hopefully get your mind off of the downpour that was occurring outside.
I mean seriously.  You guys weren’t thinking about the rain.  Sooo cute!
And the rainy day, just like that, went away.  And all of the color in the world got brighter.  
Back at Grand Oaks…
Here comes the bride…
All dressed in white..
I love the lipstick kiss on Nicole’s cheek.  Adorable!
Heck yes, I do!

The grand entrance was a huge hit!

I typically don’t post this many first dance photos…but let me just tell you….these ARE SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL, I couldn’t resist.
And now it’s daddy’s turn.
Mmm…cake!  The lighting in the ballroom REALLY make this whole entire place so magical.
In my daughter’s eyes.  (My mother and I danced to this on my wedding day too.  That justifies why I cried throughout this entire dance, right?!)
Bouquet toss.  I love the bridesmaid wanting NOTHING to do with catching it!
The dollar dance.  They pinned money to their wedding threads.  What a fun idea!
Wedding by day, love by night.  Enjoy your happy lives together, Laborce’s.  Xoxoxoxoxoox!

Behind the scenes with Crystal Jo Foto. Where all of the fun happens!

Where’s Waldo?  Er, Where’s Ana?
Love our brides!!!
Testing the light.  :) Love you, Light Girl.  Thank you for all of your help!!  And thanks for riding in the trunk when the torrential downpour and the bridal party took over the Jo Foto mobile.  Good thing you are little!  (And a shout out thank you to my husband for helping with the behind the scenes slideshow making..I don’t have a photo to share but he worked his little hiney off and made an awesome same-day slideshow that was revealed during the reception.  Thanks babe!)


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their creative team…

Reception and Ceremony Site: Grand Oaks Event Center
Caterer: PC Events
Cake: Our Cupcakery
Flowers- They were done by one of the bridesmaids, Kaylie Gannon.
DJ and Ceremony Music: Matt Ryan
Hair and Make up- Hair: Wedding Hair of Ohio, Make up: makeup artistry by Meg
Wedding Planner: day of coordinator: Laura Linn
Invitations/Paper: from Michaels. The Bride collection
Jewelry: Kohls:)
Rehearsal dinner: pinnacle golf club
Wedding gown designer/Bridesmaids: David’s bridal
Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Calvin Klein from President Tuxedo

their songs….

bridal march: Finally Instrumental, Fergie
grand entrance: Forever, Chris Brown
first dance: Marry Me, Train
father/daughter: The way you look tonight, Frank Sinitra
mother/daughter: In my daughters eyes, Martina McBride
mother/son: My Wish, Rascal Flats
bouquet/garter: Single Ladies, Sexy back
last dance: Dont stop believing, Journey

their memories…

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Bride: Obviously! Getting married:)
Groom: Seeing Nicole for the first time during the first look. She was beautiful.

What was your favorite detail?
Bride: The cupcakes! I loved the cupcakes, Our Cupcakery did an amazing job, the display was gorgeous and all of the cupcakes were fantastic.
Groom: The music. It was a constant dance party.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
Bride: Do not stress, this is supposed to be a happy day in your ilfe, there is no reason to stress about it. Just have fun with the planning! Do what I did and have moms and friends over for some wine and snacks and work on invitations, or help with other details. It will make everything more fun:)
Groom: Have fun and relax. Don’t let anything bother you and just let everything happen how it should. Trust that everything will go well and if it doesn’t, oh well. You’re marrying your best friend (at least I did) so that should be the only thing that matters. After that have some (or a lot of) drinks and let loose. Also, help your bride with the planning and making stuff. It will make married life a lot easier before it even starts.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Bride: I would not change a THING, the night was perfect! Everything went the way I wanted. My wedding was the dream wedding for me! It was just a big party with all of our close friends and family. To this day people keep telling us how fun the wedding was:)
Groom: Make the night last longer. Nobody wanted the night to end.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!!!!!!!!!!!

How was you experience with Crystal Jo?

Bride: I love Crystal Jo:)She is so fun and energetic! She takes awesome pictures. One moment I wont forget is right in the middle of our photos, it started pouring rain and I wanted to go back to the venue and she had us wait it out. We ended up getting AMAZING pictures! Thank you Crystal Jo:)We wouldn’t have gotten those great pictures if it wasnt for you:)
Groom: I personally don’t enjoy taking pictures. With that being said, Crystal Jo did an amazing job and made everything fun. It was never 1,2,3 cheese or faking smiles. She put us in fun moments and poses and the result was great. She did an awesome job and I would recommend her to everyone.  (Thank you guys!  It’s pretty easy with such an adorable, fun-loving couple!)

Julie Lares - You did an absolutely AMAZING job!!! I LOVE ALL OF THE PICS!! I can’t wait to see all 700+ of them. Thank you so much for capturing this day for us on film and video. You are AWESOME!! :)

Tasha Braniff - Love all of these. Those colors are awesome.
Also love the and they lived happily ever after signs…I just made those for my august 11th wedding and we did a fun shot like that :) Great minds! errr pinterest.

Twinkle Toes. Columbus Family Photography

The Sherrick Family.  Adorable.

Check out little dudes feet.  Twinkle toes!

My session fave.

At the end of the session, we headed over to the fountains at Scioto Mile.  Time for some water and FUN!

Tyler can JUMP!  Future basketball star?

Such a sweet, sweet people!  This photo shoot was Michelle’s Mother’s Day present.  How cool!  Thank you for giving the gift of Crystal Jo Foto.  It makes me so very proud and honored to document your awesome family!

amy - Looks like so much fun! Amazing pictures!