Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe.

Pixie received her very first colorful lollipop invitation in the mail…

…to Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe.

The sweet shoppe is OPEN.  It came with special sweet shoppe workers (Fiona’s Aunts) and the children paid for their candy with pennies.  

Her mommy found this high chair on craigslist and Papa painted it.  The gumball machine was Amy’s when she was a little girl.

Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe.  A little girl’s dream.

Love the photo banner.

Details and color galore!

Put your party hats on!  (I like to say put your PARTY PANTS ON!  But Amy says this should say party hats and she’s the momma, so she wins.)

Everything was made very special by mommy and family.

Even these ADORABLE sugar cookies that look like lollipops.
I love the “Whoooooo’s birthday is it?” gift bag.  Amy’s baby shower was an owl theme.  REMEMBER?  And Fiona has owls in her nursery.

Gavin.  Looking so dapper with his little bow tie.  Bow tie made out of ribbon from his mommy and daddy’s wedding.  (A fun tid bit…Kacy & Tim’s wedding was my VERY FIRST wedding I shot professionally.  April 2008.)
Time for cake!

She loved it.  And she was so delicate with it.

Look how cute this family is…with matching outfits and all!

Fiona was kissing everything.  It was so cute.
Pixie was pooped.  Little party animal.

Papa having some fun!

Build your own candy necklace with Fruit Loops.  Cute idea!

To watch the video slideshow, click HERE.

Happy First Birthday, Fiona Rose. And many more. We love you very, VERY much!

Amy Seese - What a special day! Thank you so very much for capturing these memories for us! We love you Crystal Jo Foto!

Big, LITTLE man of the house. Columbus Baby Photographer

Robert. 3 Months Big.

He’s the big, LITTLE man of the house.  With his two older sisters, Madeline and Sophia.

I love his bright eyes and cute little bald head.

Happy Baby.  Little California Surfer.  These photos are for his cool Californian Auntie.

Pretty family, huh?!

Mommy’s first son.  She’s so in love.

Ana is from Brazil.  She kept saying cute little things in Portuguese to baby Robert.  I had no idea what they meant but the sounds were so chipper and happy.  I wanna learn.

Robert, next time I see you, you’ll be sitting up SO big. Can’t wait!

lelio da silva velasco - Crystal clear, congratulations for your work. I would like to have the family photo, 004, to make a poster here in Brazil.

Justine - Sério… vocês estão lindos!!! Cara e essa fotógrafa sabe o que faz, Ne?!
Amei vê-los! E o Robert Lucas ja ta enooorme!!! Ainda bem que em Novembro ja vou estar ai para pegar essa coisa linda no colo!!!
Parabens pelos 3 meses!!!! Bjssss

Something you hear about only in the movies… Columbus Newborn Photography

I was hoping to have some beautiful birth photography to go along with this beautiful little newborn boy but there is a much more interesting story!

Andrew Benjamin Cicora arrived into this world into his Mother’s arms…

IN THE FAMILY MINI-VAN!  Yes, that’s right, delivered in the car…by his own mama… on the way to the hospital.  Jenn went from zero contractions to having a baby in her arms in less than 15 minutes.

Ben (the daddy), while driving, talked to the 911 operator as Jenn untangled the umbilical cord around Drew’s neck.  She lifted him to her chest immediately and heard her favorite noise…the first cry.  Ben looked over and said, “Is it a boy or girl?”  Jenn had no idea.  Her mind the whole time was only on baby’s health and safety.  She looked down and happily said, “BOY!”  The 911 operator whispered “Congratulations” through the cell phone.  It was a true miracle.  And a great story that I am sure Andrew will be telling when someone asks,

“Where were you born?”

Proud big brother, Nico holding little brother Drew.  Big sister, Gianna had “big sis” on her hair bow.

You can see it here.

Grandmother’s old sewing machine…

Andrew was perfectly healthy weighing in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces, 20.25 inches.

Proud daddy.

And brave mommy who delivered her own son.

Amy Seese - Love!

Sign Our Guitar. Columbus Wedding Photography

Holly and Caleb. Married.

September 16, 2011. A Friday. A GREAT DAY!

Special purse made just for Holly from her Aunt.  
The fake make up apply… it is SO funny!
How cute.  Chanden was the ring bearer.  He’s only 7 months old. 
The groom looking out of the window on his wedding day….
At the exact same time the bride looks out of the window in her room…
Holly really cracks me up. I always try to tell silly jokes to get some natural reactions and giggles. She just blurts out, “If you talk about pooping or farting, I’ll laugh.” MMMMmmmmkkkkkkkk, NO PROBLEM Bride! It was the ongoing joke throughout the day. I’m sure her grandparents and extended family thought I was pretty sick when I was talking about bowel movements during the family formal session. Oh well, Holly laughed. That’s all that matters, right?!:)

The bride and groom happily decided to see each other before the ceremony.  They shared a very special moment in the gardens at Franklin Park.  

Isn’t this the prettiest little colorful place for a first look? Answer: oh yeah!

Elegant vintage looking flowers by Flowers on Springtree Lane.  And, another something special.  Caleb’s mothers engagement ring attached to the bridal bouquet so she could be there on his wedding day.  LOVE.

Can you say ROMANTIC?!  
I’m in love with these flowers.
A touch of purple.  It was everywhere.  But not overkill.  Caleb even looked so cool sporting some purple.  
You guys OOOZZzzz cuteness!
The glamorous bridal party.

Oh, I did say they were glamorous, right?!  Ha…

Um, yes, more purple, please.  How do you make the whistle sound?  PPPpfffffeeeee, weeeeerrrrrrreeee.  Yeah, these ladies deserve a whistle.
Holly, I love this photo of you.  So elegant and timeless.  And I love how Caleb is walking out of the front door.
I look at these and think…how romantic. We were right beside the historic house in this beautiful green covered walkway. It was just them (and the annoying photographers/paparazi). They were cool and calm as can be. Just chilling. About to get married.

Mmmmkkkk.  This PLACE, Taylor Mansion, was like a photographers dream.  Endless GORGEOUS backdrops.  We were in heaven.  Everywhere we turned.  Ohhh, go over there.  Ohhhhh, over there.  Ohhhhh, kiss right there!!  Such a magical hidden nook for a wedding.  Great choice, Holly and Caleb!

Sometimes you have to show people what to do, you know, how to look beautiful.  Pfffffft.  WE ARE FUN!  LIGHT GIRL, you are so light.  Ha.

Beautiful details on Holly’s wedding gown!

Holly, you were the prettiest bride!

Cutest ring bearer EVER.  Check out his mini ring pillow.  Love him! (You can see more of him HERE.)
Here comes the bride.
Caleb looks so proud and confident.

Holly looked so pretty staring at her man. And this fountain was very special to her. She kept talking about how she was excited it was on during her ceremony. It had floating rose pedals. So magical.


More details.  Ribbon necklaces and purple nails.  Love.
Ha, Holly, I’m not sure what you guys were doing here but it looks like you are maybe twisting his arm.  Yew betta marry me, yew foo!
Jennifer is a special client of mine.  She is Chanden’s mommy.  She’s sooo easy going and joyful to be around.

Jennifer, you looked so beautiful on your sisters wedding day.  Your speech was witty and touching.  I could really tell how close your relationship is, how much you guys love each other and how happy you were to watch her marry her best friend.

You are an awesome woman! Now sister of a Longwoman.  :)

Ring exchange.  The unbroken symbol of love.
Officially OFFICIAL!
And a love dip to go with it!
Pretty, pretty details. EVERYWHERE! Ana, the “Deets Queen”, aka, fabulous detail photographer, is da bomb!

Mustache pint glasses.  Yes, please.

They are so CUTE!

Fist pump.  We’re married.  (Caleb, your ring rocks.  Very masculine. Holly, yours isn’t so bad either.)

And…more details!  Check this out.  Signature Drinks.  The Liquid Longman (their last name) and Love Potion #9.  Adorable!  Oh, and some great stuff on tap, too!

My fave from the day….

This was completely real.  Not staged at all.   It must have been the first time they looked at each others rings together.  On their fingers.  A happy realization that they will be together forever.

The grand entrance to the PARTAY.

And folks, guess what Holly’s most memorable part of the day was?  In her own words, “bumping our booty’s upon entering the reception.”

Yeah, CAKE. I’ve never seen one like this. Covered with white chocolate curls. Made special by Anita Kline.

Please don’t hurt me with that knife, Holly.  I’ll give you my wallet, my keys (to the Jo Foto Mobile), my antique lunchbox, whatever you want!

First dance to “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds.

Father/Daughter danced to “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder.

Oh, I have to tell you about this fun detail!  The DJ played songs as a release to the buffet.  So all of the guests had to listen to hear if the song was the same as the song in the center of their table and this was the cue to head over to the food.  It was awesome.  The song would change and the table with the next song would stand up and hoot and holler.  Such a fun and interacting way to release tables for dinner!

The bar was in an old carriage house at the end of the tents.  
I just have a feeling this photo will be a near and dear heirloom.  As soon as I snapped it, this sweet old man said, “I’m 84 and she’s 87, still going strong.”  SO SWEET!

Check out THIS “guestbook”.  A guitar!  Music is special to this couple.  So are their wedding guests. So why not remember the two with this awesome keepsake!

Where they said “I do”… at night.
Enjoy your lives together, Longman’s!  You are so perfect together!

The Jo Foto Booth is SO MUCH FUN.  Just look.  You’ll see…

Some behind the scenes fun…

We stuffed the bride and her big dress in the Jo Foto Mobile. I played chauffeur and felt so VERY importante!

Ana (Light Girl) played photographer in the back seat. Roberta ate cookies.

The cookies fueled her for an afternoon of SO MUCH FUN.

I like to show a little leg.  And touch a little leg.

We are cute.  And it’s extremely hard to get these ladies OUT OF THE FOTO BOOTH!

I love this.  Musta been a funny photo.  (Love you guys!  Thank you for ALL of your help!!!)

Roberta was so jealous of my martini light.  She says it was my “Drink till she’s cute” hat that she wanted. I think it was my sweet light.
Kids will be kids….

Hey Longman’s, You guys are SO fabulous! I wish you nothing but happiness and a life full of successful bowel movements. Pretty sick, huh? You know you giggled. On a more serious note…thank you for being YOU. For letting us enjoy the day with you. And for sharing your love with the world. Have a wonderful, happy, loving life together. Forever.

If you’d like to watch a video slideshow with MORE pictures, click HERE. OH YEAH!

Their Vendors…

Reception and Ceremony Site – Taylor Mansion
Video – True Video
Caterer – Upper Crust Catering
Cake – Anita Kline
Flowers – Flowers on Springtree Lane
DJ/Band – Ryan Smith
Ceremony Music – Saxophonist: JD Little (friend); Vocalist: Eric Schnittke (friend)
Hair and Make up – Hair: April Kellogg from Kenneth’s; Makeup: Alison Feamster
Invitations – Kirsten Marinko (friend/co-worker)
Jewelry – Earrings from Etsy seller chloeesboutique
Rehearsal dinner – Chile Verde Cafe
Wedding gown designer – Maggie Sottero


Their Songs….

processional – “Marching Bands of Manhattan” by Vitamin String Quartet
recessional – “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness
grand entrance – “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses
first dance – “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds
cake cutting – “Smooth Criminal” by Alien Ant Farm
father/daughter – “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder


Their Answers…

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Holly – Other than the permanent smile that was glued to my face all day the most memorable moment of our wedding was getting to see Caleb before the ceremony…..oh and bumping our booty’s upon entering the reception.:o)
Caleb – The most memorable moment for me was reading the vows that I had written. I had rehearsed them so many times and it was the point during the ceremony when I felt like it was only Holly and I standing up there, nothing else mattered. I will remember that FOREVER.

What was your favorite detail?

Holly – Hands down, the cake. Not only did it taste amazing but it looked amazing. I absolutely loved the chocolate curls covering the cake…it was so romantic.
Caleb – I really liked the guitar guest book. It felt really personal and unique to us, it’s a tangible part of the wedding that we’ll be able to look at every day and remember!

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Holly – Personalize, personalize, personalize!
Caleb – Write your own vows, it’s worth it. And take time to enjoy the details, the day moves so fast!

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Holly – Nada, it was everything we wanted it to be…so unique and so us.
Caleb – I would have studied time travel and designed a sophisticated time machine to allow me to relive the entire wedding once more. (And I wouldn’t change a thing from the wedding)

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Holly – Curacao – we had such a great time. Now I want to go back…:o)
Caleb – Kind of hard to answer this any differently…..we went to Curacao. It was DA BOMB. Waking up to the sound of the ocean and not going to work was way too painful so we decided to come back to the states.

How was your experience with Crystal Jo Foto?

Holly – Our experience with Crystal Jo Foto was amazing. She is an extremely talented photographer whose creativeness is out of this world. Oh – she’s loads of fun too!:o)
Caleb – We’ve been so happy with choosing Crystal Jo Foto for our wedding and engagement pictures. She’s done a truly un-rivaled job with everything, each time I see new photos I’m amazed with everything. Well worth it, wouldn’t recommend anyone else!!

Cynthia Kuhr - Best wedding photos I have ever seen! What a beautiful, elegant wedding. Love the colors, location and details…remarkable.
I’m a friend of Sharon Proudy-Dickerson. Thank you for sharring!

Meeting Mack. Columbus Family Photography

The Wilkowski’s.  Family.

Still very much in love after many, many years of marriage.  They planned this session in their backyard with their three children and their families.  Their two sons (and family) traveling in from out of state to meet little Mack, the newest member of the family.

Welcome to the world, Mack.

Hi, pretty girl.  How are you today? 

The happy Wilkowski’s.  When discussing what everyone was going to wear, someone joked, PINK.  The joke became reality.


What makes a little girl smile from ear to ear?  CUPCAKES!

So in love.
This makes me want two little princesses!
Weeeeeeee.  Sometimes you have to do whatever you can to distract the children from breakdowns.  It worked.  Seconds later they were happy as can be.
Rea is feeding her little cousin a cupcake.  I love how she has her mouth open trying to show her how to eat it.

Thank you for a fun afternoon, Wilkowski’s. You were such a pleasure to be with. I’m sure the wine and laughter made for an awesome family filled weekend!