Bun in the Oven.

Finding out we were pregnant was actually a HUGE shock.  With Pix, we tried for months.  With this one, FIRST TRY, baby.  You can see the “finding out video” here.  Jason’s reaction cracks me up!

I pondered this announcement for months.  As my belly grew, so did the amount of people who saw me and I told that we were expecting.  After five months, people started asking when we were going to announce our pregnancy on social media.  It’s not like I was keeping the big news a secret or waiting until a certain week to magically drop the BIG news.  I just needed the creative energy to execute exactly what my crazy brain wanted.  I scheduled a day to commit to gathering everything needed to make it happen.  And so it is…
Everything I used for this little photo session was found in our house (with the exception of Jason’s milk carrier which I found at Odd Lots, coincidently, on the day of the session when I went to buy Pix a sprinkler toy).  I even cut an old shirt to make me and Pix fun hair pieces.  The aprons are actually Christmas colors, but you’d never know because I knew I wanted this vintage processing.
This photo came in a VERY close second place as being “THE ONE” for the announcement.  I actually posted two for a group of my photographer friends to help me decide….which was pretty much split 50/50.  Final decision, one photo for my personal facebook page and this one for my business page.  Every photo wins.  :)
Announcing to Momma Mia at work (Toyota).  “Only Child expires in October”  It took Mom a good five minutes to even read her shirt.  And she didn’t even think about the balloons because she thought Pixie got them from one of the car salesman before we came in.  She was just so excited her granddaughter came to visit her.
1, 2, 3… say, “Mrs. Crystal is going to have a BABY!”  My gymnastics team and their reaction to the news.  :)
And this is at the Race for the Cure when the baby bump finally made a little appearance.  (4 3/4 months/19 weeks)

We recently had our 20 week ultrasound appointment where we got to see our future gymnast.  Gotta teach’em young….

We aren’t finding out the gender of this little one. We did find out with Pixie. I wanted a girl SO much. I have her now, so this one we will just find out in October. As it gets closer to final “bake time”, I’m going to put out a fun little game for y’all to guess due date and gender. Get EXCITED! I know we are!

If you are bored and you wanna see Pixie’s pregnancy announcement, click HERE.

Aunt Angie - Thank you for sharing you and your family’s amazing journey with us. I look forward to all of your post. You a treat to follow.

Mindy - Love these! Congratulations!

What’s up Doc? Columbus Newborn Photography

Henry Andrew. Newborn.

Born Sunday, May 19 at 8:48 AM.
9 lbs 7.5 oz, 22 3/4 inches (And Momma had a natural birth with this BIG boy!)

“Ehh, What’s up Doc?”

Look at this proud BIG brother!


Some fun facts from the new parents of TWO…

How long have you been married and how did you meet?
– We actually met back in junior high and had mutual friends all through high school. We were in touch during college and started dating after reconnecting at a New Years Eve party back in 2000. May 24 is our wedding anniversary so as of today, it’s been 5 years.

Tell us how you found out you were expecting.
– It was a pleasant surprise – I had been feeling queasy but didn’t think the timing was right to be pregnant again. I waited and waited to take a home pregnancy test – when we had our first doctor visit, US showed we were already about 12 weeks along – a whole month more than I anticipated.

Did you find out the gender? How did you come up with his name?
– Oh yes, we can’t take the suspense. We were very excited to have another little boy. We had several names in mind – we both liked Henry. Then I saw on a website that Benjamin was a suggested sibling name and that seemed to seal the deal. We debated on middle names but settled on Andrew since it’s also my husband’s middle name.

Is there a nursery or shower theme you’d like to share?
– We did a dinosaur theme for the nursery.

A baby is here! What are you looking forward to the most?
– It’s amazing how they start so small. Henry was actually the same birth weight as our first son, looking at Ben now it’s hard to believe I used to be able to hold him with just one arm. We’re looking forward to seeing the boys grow into brothers and I’m excited to see how Henry is different than Ben – what will he like, what sort of toys will he want to play with. Even just stuff like whether he’ll have curly hair or straight.

You are a new parent. Give us the scoop. What has surprised you the most about parenthood? Any funny stories or first times, share with us.
– It’s such a huge transition but now it’s hard to imagine life before the boys. The little things are wonderful, like hearing Ben tell his brother he loves him or rocking one (or both) of my babies to sleep. I’ve been keeping a diary of Ben’s life, it’s been fun to start adding anecdotes about Henry like “peed on me for the first time today.”

How did you find Crystal Jo?
– She did kid photos for several friends from work and I loved her work. I followed the blog for a while and when we knew we were having another baby we knew we wanted her to do his photos. She also did my sister’s wedding photos. She has a lot of talent.  (Thanks, Erin! XO!)

So big. Columbus Baby Photography

Evie.  One Year Big.  Already?!

My session fave…

Ohhhh, the curls!
And of course we had to make the photo shoot a party and Pixie was invited.  

Newborn.  From this…
to this…  So sweet.
3 Months.
6 Months.
9 Months.

One Year.


Some fun facts about this little princess..

What is your favorite memory during her first year of life?

Just watching the progression of Anabelle “big sistering” Evie. It started off as Anabelle wanting to give Evie bottles, feed her baby food, try to change her diaper (though we discouraged it because it was more trouble/mess than necessary). It has progressively turned into Anabelle watching out for Evie, checking on her, playing with her, sharing with her. From the beginning Evie would just look up at Anabelle in awe. She loves her big sister and has started to ask were “Na Na” is she doesn’t see her. One day she stayed home sick while Anabelle went to preschool. Evie just didn’t know what to do without her sister around. They like being around each other. I love watching them together, it makes me smile.

What age/month has been your favorite and why?

Probably these last few months have been my favorite. Evie is more mobile, so she just goes where she wants to. She is very observant and likes to watch others. I will catch her just watching other kids play or seeing what everyone is doing. She likes to watch you do something and then try to repeat it herself.

One word to describe your baby is… fun-loving

Animal: I don’t know that she really has one yet.
Food: Evie loves all food. She likes to eat it and gets mad if she thinks you are eating something she isn’t. She is a very verbal eater and will say “om nom nom” while she eats.
Toy: Balls or bubbles. She loves both of these.

Lemonade. Columbus Baby Photography

Mini Sessions. Lemonade Edition.

Josie says, “Lemonade…YELLOW or PINK it’s fun to drink.” She applauds the sugar cookies too.

Chanden… All smiles!

Who could resist buying lemonade from little Kelly?
The lemons were Pixie approved.:)

Warning! The following “piggy” shots may melt your heart.
Josie’s curls are PRECIOUS!

Texture. Project 52

Project 52.

Week 21 of 52: Texture.

Pixie’s very first band-aid.  She really didn’t need it but she kept talking about her boo boo and I thought it would get her mind off of the teeeeeeny-tiny little scratch on her hand.  Now I’m sure I started the “every boo boo needs a band-aid” ritual, but I really just couldn’t resist.  And you should hear her say band-aid.  “Pancaid”  Jason thought she was asking for pancakes.  :)



Canon 5DMkII, 35mm, f/1.4
ISO 200, f/1.4, 1/200 sec

To see Megan’s take, click HERE.

Rachel - Aww, sweet baby girl! My 3 year old tries to get bandaids for everything, but my rule is no bandaids unless there is red (blood). Gosh it’s tough to watch these little ones grow up so fast!