Joy to the world. Columbus Baby Photography

Chanden.  9 Months Big.

He’s ALWAYS SUCH A JOY.  SO HAPPY.  Seriously.  Always.

Oh, and I got LOTS of new backdrops and floor drops that I was super excited to use.  I had the perfect little model!

And this just cracks me up.  It’s like he’s waving and swaying to the song, “Don’t stop BELIEVING.”

Pixie thanks your very much for her own little santa diaper. She can’t wait to wear it on Christmas morning!

I’ll see you when you are a year old little guy!

Engaged on wheels. Columbus Wedding Photography

Richelle & Dustin.  Engaged.

We went to the skating rink!

They are getting married 10/13/12.  Yeah buddy!

No, they don’t roller skate.  EVER.  This was my idea and thankfully they went with it.  I’m loving it.  Thanks guys for trusting my CRAZY ways!
Fave FAVE FAVORITEEEE!  Oh, so cool!
Sooo much fun!

I did this magical move….

…to get these magical shots.  Magic.  I’m a magician.

So cute!
Richelle, you are beautiful.  And so is your voice!  I really hope you sing on your wedding day!!
She did this all on her own.
You guys crack me up!

A little behind the scenes.  Thanks for your help, Light Girl.  Your shoulders are OH-SO-FUN to sit on!!

We’re cool!

A is for Avery. And ADORABLE. Columbus Baby Photography

The Alexander Family.  A-DOR-ABLE!!

Here’s Avery.  Such a doll!
Mommy and Daddy are both teachers in Southwestern.  Thanks for THAT, friends!

One Year Big!

Fave from the day!  So pretty.

Prettiest people EVER.  EVER!

Get OFF THE TRACKS!  The cops came right here.  Heads off to that!

Daddy chasing his fast little booger.

Play time!

We had originally planned to do this shoot at the zoo. WELL….the zoo was closed the day we went. Pixie Pie wore her little bumble bee outfit so she could fit in with the other animals…in downtown Powell.:)

Cyndi - Love Avery on the porch shot. And love the outfit Pixie has on.
Beautiful family!!!

God Bless America. Columbus Newborn Photography

Brayson Reed. Newborn.

8 pounds, 12 ounces, 21 inches long. That sounds kinda big in comparison to the newbies I’ve photographed recently.

Here he is….

I love the light here.  Little guy just cuddled so.
I got a new fringe blanket!  Thank you Beautiful Photo Props.  Your stuff is always AWESOME.  And Brayson loved it too.  So soft to sleep on.
Isn’t this just SO adorable?!  It makes me wanna snuggle with him.  Fresh little guy.
Thank you to Brayson’s daddy for serving in our Armed Forces.  We are so indebted to you for bringing us safety and freedom.  God Bless you, our troops, and our country.  Oh, and for bringing us this adorable little bundle of joy!

Daddy had to leave for a training camp this very next day.  Everyone was excited to share this last evening together.  

And, of course, it’s not a successful newborn shoot unless the baby does it’s business ON someone. And this was momma. SUCCESS!