Laney Love is ONE. Columbus Baby Photography

Delaney.  One Year BIG!

I’ve had the EXTREME pleasure of photographing this little miss throughout her entire first year.

Tons of fun, smiles, laughs and love shared by all!

I love this little girl!!  She may just be a gymnast!  Look at her little hand.  She’s stretching so she can do the balance beam.

Let’s celebrate with messy cake!

Her Mommy & Daddy love her SO MUCH.

And seriously…EVERY one year old NEEDS a Dooney and Bourke designer purse! Duh.

And a bit of a flashback for fun.

Here’s sweet little Delaney when she was just a wee wittle newborn.

Here she is at 3 months. Laney Love.

And here she is sitting up! At 6 months.

Look at this adorable 9 month old baby girl drinking her tea…er, eating her China.

AND…drumroll please…
Laney is ONE!!!

I’ll see you when you are 18 months big, baby girl. Enjoy your second Christmas.:)Much love! Xoxo.

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Trim the tree. Columbus Family Photography

The Abbitt Family.

Sarah and I have been dear friends since 9th grade.  And she has her own little family in her big pretty house.  Look how adorable they are….

Time to trim the tree!
Top left might is my FAVE.  I love Sarah’s laugh and the doggie joining the family.  So cute!

Tagan.  What a handsome, kissable little guy!!  I’m SURE Santa will bring everything he wants.  Just look at those eyes.  How could ANYONE say no to him!
Love you guys!  I hope you love these as much as I do!

Amy Seese - Beautiful photographs! Warmed my heart with love!

Brenda Tupper - Love your photos!

Twinkle Star. Columbus Baby Photography

Adriana. 2 Years Big.

This little family I love! They moved all the way to Richmond, Indiana and they travel back just for Jo Foto. LOVE!

Adriana is such a doll in her furry boots and chic hat!

This little doll had a mild meltdown.  What typically soothes Pixie when she is upset?  The iPhone app, Twinkle Star.  So I got out my phone so Adriana could jam to the tunes.  Oh my.  This GIRL LOVED IT.  She loved it SO much, after about 15 minutes of swaying and smiling to the little moon and sheep, we tried to take it away.  Who wants a billion photos with a bright pink iPhone in every picture?  The momma who has a child who loves it.  :)  You can see the phone in the above black and whites.  So cute, it makes me smile.

Happy Birthday, sweet little Adriana! I just adore you SO.

Stephanie Serna - Thank you Crystal Jo! The pictures are great and you are totally worth the drive :)

Joy to the world. Columbus Baby Photography

Chanden.  9 Months Big.

He’s ALWAYS SUCH A JOY.  SO HAPPY.  Seriously.  Always.

Oh, and I got LOTS of new backdrops and floor drops that I was super excited to use.  I had the perfect little model!

And this just cracks me up.  It’s like he’s waving and swaying to the song, “Don’t stop BELIEVING.”

Pixie thanks your very much for her own little santa diaper. She can’t wait to wear it on Christmas morning!

I’ll see you when you are a year old little guy!