Name the baby Bob. Columbus Family Photography

The Zenios Family.


They really are that adorable.  Loving and caring.  Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get brothers to even sit next to each other.  Not these two.  You can tell they will grow up to be best buds.



My session favorite, right here.  Matina, you need this BIG in your beautiful house!

People often ask me how I get such fun and natural reactions in front of my camera.  Usually corny jokes or games that we play.  But this one here… no, this was all the boys.  I’m standing over them nine months pregnant and Michael asks if I have a name picked out for the baby.  I grin and say no.  He says, “NAME THE BABY BOB!”  We all just couldn’t stop laughing.


SO HANDSOME!  (And I kept calling them cute and they kept asking me to call them HANDSOME.  “We aren’t cute!”  Geez, I should know these things!)


Christos loves soccer.  I just love this!


This left photo is why I love my “job” so much.  Seriously, amazing.  SO MUCH LOVE HERE.  Zenios and his team, 3 Pillar Homes, are currently building our home.  I’ve had the honor of working with him for over a year now as we go through this crazy building process.  A few days ago, I was able to hang out with his beautiful family and see what an awesome father he is to these two boys.  It just touches my heart and makes me proud that we’ve chosen someone who cares and loves people so much.  Zenios, I hope you can cherish these photographs and remember how special these two little souls are to you.  Your eyes really shine when you are around them and I can see how proud you are.  Much love, friend.


Zenios Michael Zenios - Love the photos! You do fantastic work and make it look easy! Thanks again!!! We totally love them! Z

Tricia Saiia Back - They are an amazing family! So thankful to have known them for many many years! Absolutely gorgeous!

Maria Zeniou - A great happy family.I just love these pictures!great job!

Lovies. Columbus Family Photography

Jackson and Layla.


Their poses.  Make me smile.



I don’t think you’ll find a more dapper little fella.


I mean SERIOUSLY!  (My session fave.)


I can’t decide which photo shows their sibling love more.  Is it this one?


Or this one…  :)


But Momma love, that right there is a given!  Layla carries this stuffed Kitty and blanket around with her EVERYWHERE.  We couldn’t pry them away.  I find it so sweet and it won’t last forever so this is just the perfect time to capture her little innocence.  And her lovies.


Baby Burrito. Columbus Newborn Photography

Alex.  Newborn.

It’s a baby booming week.  I’ve photographed three newborns and this was the only boy, handsome as can be.

Such a sweet little burrito! Don’t you just want to eat him up?


Oh the fun these two will have. Just wait!

And he is adored by his family.

Alex, you are surrounded by love and I can’t wait to watch you grow.  Xo!

Pretty princess. Columbus Newborn Photography

Armita. Newborn.


Love those pursed lips.  Mmmmmwwahh, baby girl!



She’s a pretty princess.


Or a queen sitting in her throne.







Beautiful.  Just simply beautiful.


And her Momma made her princess canopy crib.  So special.


A few fun facts from the Momma…

What was your baby’s birth weight and length? 7 pounds 8 ounces, 19.5″

Is there a story behind your baby’s name?
We wanted to give her a Persian name and I wanted her to have a part of my name too since she is getting daddy’s last name! So, we came up with Armita Neda. (Armita means Pure love)

Give us the scoop. What has surprised you the most about parenthood?
Are there any funny stories or firsts that you’d like to share? I had always heard that raising a baby is a 24/7 job but never believed it until I had my baby! I have so much more respect for my parents now!

What did you like best about your experience with Crystal Jo?
She’s always fun to work with. She has lots of positive energy. And her pictures are so beautiful that every time I literally cannot wait until I get the pictures!

Nilowfar Taremi - beautiful.

Mehr Noush - <3

Shirin Eliaspour Asadi - Beautiful <3

Malihe Yazdani - ماشاالله چقدر عزیزودوست داشتنی

Paint my heart. Columbus Engagement Photography

Tara and Scott. Engaged.


We found some really cool spots downtown.


My session fave… right hurr…

They really are such an adorable couple.  Navy is the dominant wedding color and how perfect is Scott’s complimentary sweater matching Tara’s navy dress.
Tara, you are stunning.  Inside and out!  Kelley, my dear friend and hair stylist, has been best friends with Tara for many years.  So I get to hear all of the fabulous stories about Tara and her life.
Save the date. May 17th, 2014.  The day two hearts become one.
Behind the scenes… I spy a BIG baby bump.:)

When and where is your wedding?
Tara & Scott: May 17th 2014 @ The Columbus Museum of Art

How did you meet?
Tara: We met through mutual friends – I think we both were hesitant about being set-up, but so thankful for it now!
Scott: My best friend Tommy, who is now married to Tara’s high school friend Emily (Barrett) Young, introduced us back in April 2009.

Tell us about your proposal!
Tara: Oh the proposal – such an amazing day! It was a really warm day in January – January 12th to be exact. It was a normal Saturday, or so I thought! I apparently did everything differently on this Saturday than any other – I didn’t go to the gym, I didn’t run errands – basically I wanted it to be a lazy Saturday. Well Scott really wanted me out of the house so he could set-up to “pop the question”, but I wasn’t having any of it. Since I spoiled his first plan, he decided to go upstairs, where I heard him pacing from the office to the bedroom and back. At the time I thought it was weird, but thought, maybe he was putting the dry cleaning away – little did I know! He then started playing Dave Matthews and specifically “Space Between” – which we have declared “our song”. This instantly peaked my interest! I went upstairs where Scott was holding a silver ornament that opens like a ring box. The outside is engraved with “Wishes” and inside is “Do Come True”. Inside was the ring and as soon as I opened it, I started crying – a happy cry of course! Scott asked me to marry him, at which time I tackled him with a huge hug and saying over and over… “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!” He stopped me and said, “Wait, you said yes, right?” I guess the tackle of excitement wasn’t the official yes he was looking for! I absolutely said yes and can’t wait to marry the man that (as my granny says) blew my socks off!
Scott: A few Christmas’ ago, my mother had bought my two sisters and I a sterling silver Christmas ornament and each year my parents put special gifts inside the ornament, such as Bucks tickets, cash, etc… Back in January, that ornament played a key role in my proposal to Tara. As I was upstairs pacing trying to make sure everything was in place, I played our song, “Space Between”, by the Dave Matthews Band. While Tara was downstairs in our living room, she immediately knew something was going on, whether I was cleaning, working, or whatever. As she came up the steps to our bedroom, I was sitting beside the silver ornament in the middle of our bed. She sat down next to me, looked at the ornament (which I forgot to mention has “WISHES” on the outside and “DO COME TRUE” on the inside) and I told her, “I have a surprise for you!?”. She then opened the ornament and there was the ring.

What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?
Tara: One of my favorite things about Scott is how caring he is. He is always willing to go out of his way for his friends, family, myself – you name it, he’s there! I also love his ability to make any situation fun. We are always laughing together and with just a look – know what the other one is thinking. He’s just all around my Prince Charming.
Scott: Tara is my best friend. She and I do everything together. We share so many common interests, such as Buckeye games, movies, concerts, traveling and so much more. I absolutely enjoy spending my time with her whether we’re traveling or just hanging around home on the weekend

What makes you guys unique?
Tara: I think what makes us unique, is our friendship. We truly are each other’s best friend. We tell each other everything and love hanging out together, whether it’s watching one of “our” shows or our Sunday movie dates. We also have our personal time too, which makes the time we’re together, that much better!
Scott: We’ve shared similar beliefs on what our relationship means from day one. While we both enjoy different attributes about one another we’re still interested in discovering more about each other.

How did you find Crystal Jo?
Tara: Crystal and I went to High School together! I have been following Crystal’s photography from the beginning and always said – “as soon as I get engaged, Crystal’s shooting my wedding!” She is creative, fun and I can’t wait for her to be a part of our special day!
Scott: Tara and Crystal went to high school together.